Conceptual doctoral theses ( dissertations, 316 ;

Conceptual Framework

A review of the related literature shows that there have been few attempts to assess the content of MBA theses in the management field and most of what have been published focus more on doctoral dissertations. In terms of project dissertations, research projects such as theses , it can be classified in different ways such as to whether the research employs quantitative methods, qualitative methods, or mixed methods of data analysis (Creswell, 2013).
Table 1 lists the main studies that been used and referred to in terms of authors name and year, subjects of dissertations, examined variables, data collection and analysis, number of dissertations, and the covered period, it shows that all studies are based on a typical social science theory to assess the dissertations which focuses on presence of conceptual framework, statistical technique, research methods, validity ( Babbie, Earl., 1995). As a result, it can be observed that there is a common agreement among researchers about the most important variables in the assessment and evaluation of dissertations.
Author(s) , Year, and Topics Examined Variables The number of dissertations, and the covered period
Gubi et al., (2003)

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Logistics and supply chain management
Scandinavia Nordic countries

Year of publication, dissertation type, primary entity of analysis, level of analysis, main purpose of the dissertation, research design applied, time frame of the empirically-based dissertations, type of theory generated, and containing elements of philosophy of science
– 75 doctoral dissertations,
– 1990 to 2001

Chang & Hsieh (1997)
Logistics and supply chain management

Name of university, author, title, topic, discipline base, research design, research methodology, empirical analysis methods, and industry of empirical analysis
– 120 doctoral dissertations
– 1988 to 1994
Riccio et al.,( 1999 )
Management accounting
Brazil the trends in the number of dissertations and thesis per year, the research method employed, and the variation in topics covered by the field of accounting research. – 386 Dissertations and doctoral theses ( dissertations, 316 ; doctoral theses, 70)
– 1962 to 1999

Vafidis (2001)
logistics and Supply chain management the research topic, research design applied (quantitative, qualitative or triangulation); the type of contribution (disciplinary or practical; methodological approach (analytical, system or action research); logistics research theories espoused – 25 Swedish and Finnish PhD dissertations
-1994 to1998
Stock (1987, 1988)
Logistics and related subject areas the basis of the professional subject areas the dissertations addressed, which universities these PhDs came from; and the quantities of PhDs produced – 684 PhD dissertations
– 1970 to 1986
Stock & Luhrsen ( 1993)
logistics and logistics-related areas
according to topic and source university – 422PhD dissertations
– 1987 to 1991
Stock (2001)
logistics and logistics-related areas The number of PhDs being produced, subject areas attracting the greatest interest, Subject areas in which research interest is waning, Areas attracting more extensive research attention
– 317 PhD dissertations
– 1992 to 1998
Zain et al., ( 2001 )
Quality management
Areas and issues investigated; research methodologies employed;
research output and contribution to knowledge; and research recommendations – 14 Doctoral theses
– 1988-1997
Rajkumar et al., ( 2016)

logistics and supply chain management

Nordic countries (i.e., Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)

Number and type of dissertations
, primary entity of analysis, level of analysis arranged according to year
of publication, research design, time frame and philosophy of science, dissertations distributed according to topic groups and country of origin, article-based dissertations,
– 150 doctoral dissertations
– 2009 to 2014

Jack et al., (2001 )

Total quality management Research themes ( categorizing research) , data collection, analysis methodologies, and general trends .
– 523 doctoral dissertation abstracts
– 1981to 1988

Carr et al., ( 1986 )
Management information systems Academic field of the author, methods of research , thrust of research, level of research, orientations, hypotheses testing ,use of statistics , target, and key words – 614 doctoral dissertations
– 1972to1983

Stock & broadus ( 2006 )
Supply chain management and logistics Subjects areas, number of supply chain management and logistics related dissertations granted by colleges and universities , and average yearly number of dissertations by colleges and universities – 410 doctoral dissertations
– 1999 to 2004

Zachariassen & Arlbjørn( 2010)
logistics and supply chain management
The paper then seeks to analyze the
identified dissertations by categorizing them in various dimensions, including but not limited to subject,
methodology, and type of contribution. – 70 doctoral dissertations
– 2002 to2008

Nakhata et al.,( 2013)

doctoral dissertations published by Dissertation
Abstracts International over a 5-year period
Logistics and supply chain areas
Same methodology of Stock and broadus, ( 2006 )
– 609 doctoral dissertations
– 2005 to 2009

Zhang et al., ( 2009)
supply chain management
Research topics, industry category
, research issues and focuses, publication dates of the dissertations,
and degree-granting institutions – 175 Doctoral dissertation
-1999 to 2006

Based on the examined studies and the social science as a standard to assess the theses, the conceptual framework was derived and developed including Twelve dimensions were used to classify these theses: Year, Research Area, Topic, Women Studies, Country, Sector, Sub-Sector, Case Study, Data Collection Tool(s), Data Type, Data Analysis Method(s), and Results. For each dimension, several sub-dimensions have been used to classify and clusters MBA theses into groups.

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