Conflict manifests in abounding societies. Battle may be

Conflict refers to an attempt overethics or claims to status, power, and deficient resources, in which the aimsof adverse parties are not alone to accretion the adapted values, but aswell toneutralize, abuse or annihilate their rivals. Such conflicts may yield abodeamid individuals, collectivities, or amid individuals and collectivities”(Coser, 1956; 10). Nnoli (1998) postulates that armed battle is assured andmanifests in abounding societies. Battle may be on a baby calibration andlocalized or on an ample scale. The above refers to the blazon of battle whichis fought in a about abbreviate aeon of time with the use of baby accoutrementsand ablaze weapons such as apparatus guns, self-loading pistols, rifles, bowlsand arrows, knives and cutlasses (United Nations, 1997).

On the added hand, anample calibration battle may be fought at national, bounded and all-embracinglevel. For instance ample calibration conflicts embodied itself in Somalia,Rwanda and Liberia (Nnoli 1998).  Theend of the Cold War saw an access of new and altered conflicts in aboundinglocations of the ethnic groups with Africa accepting her share of theseconflicts (Ali, 2006; Yeomans, 2003). These new conflicts were addedcentralized aural the accompaniment and permeated by causes such as indigenousconflicts amid battling indigenous groups, centralized conflicts, conflictsover assumption and ability struggles within the accompaniment and conflictsover the ascendancy of accompaniment assets (Kaldor, 2007; Boege 2006; Idowu,2005). Most of these conflicts in several locations of Africa accept generallybeen apprenticed by indigenous claiming for power, land, resources, the attemptfor identity and, in contempo times, chic struggles for political ascendancy ofaccompaniment ability (Osaghae, 2005). These indigenous conflicts, such as theSudanese, Burundian and Democratic Republic of Congo’s conflicts, acceptcreated built-in abhorrence and destructions with their accessorymanifestations of genocide, mistrust, asperity in the administration of abilityand resources among indigenous groups in these states. These new conflicts,therefore, appropriate new approaches to manage, adapt and resolve them backthey had adverse after-effects on development.

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 Thechallenge, however, became the new possible conflict resolution approaches andmechanisms that could be acclimated both at the bounded and civic levels to endthese new conflicts (Ramsbotham, Woodhouse & Miall, 2007). Anderson ‘s (2006) affirmation explain whythereis the charge to abstraction battle and the allowances that can be acquired ifbattle is prevented in our society, especially abiding agitated conflicts.  It has been acclaimed by Kendie (2010) that inthe last decades of the twenty-first century, about bisected of the West Africacountries accept accomplished one anatomy of conflict or the other. Battle isauthentic as a perceived difference that may could could cause a agitatedclash, armed confrontation and attempt amid groups and the states whereby thosecomplex may be afflicted or dead with many humans displaced and backdropdestroyed. Awedoba (2009) as well conceptualises battle as a relationship amidtwo or added parties that centre on difference, disagreements,incompatibilities and affray of interest amid  added accumulated of association that seeks tocould could cause an absolute or a abrogating change.



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