Conflict on how much attention the parent gives

Conflict in parenting style is normal but even if it’s normal there are some effects that have a long-lasting impact on children’s behavior, parenting style like, if the parent/s are too strict or not strict, not disciplining their child, and giving all the child wants.

Every child has individual needs of parenting style because there are some children that need material things and others need a little guidance. Parents should adjust their parenting styles or on how they discipline their child depends on their child’s behavior. There are some struggles that a single parent goes through because being a single parent is not an easy business. Being a single parent is hard because he or she is the only parent who is taking care of all the responsibilities that should have been done with a co-parent. Responsibilities like financial problems, guidance, and material needs of the child.

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Unlike having both parents, they work together in order to make things better and easier because they’re splitting their task or they help each other to solve their problem. In this situation, not only the parents are facing difficulties but also the child. It has effects on their behavior depending on how much attention the parent gives to the child. There are some types of parenting style that have different effects on the child’s behavior.

It can affect them either negatively or positively, based on what discipline will be done to the child. Single parents also affect the household income because he or she is working alone. It may increase the risk of the child’s poor performance at school because of lack of financial support from the other and lack of attention. According to Knox, single mothers who have contact and emotional support from their fathers, their children may tend to do better in school than children who don’t have a contact to their fathers that he concluded from the data, the standardized test scores of the children having mothers that are receiving every $100 of child support increased by 1/8 to 7/10 of a point. This situation also has an emotional effect on the children, because of not having a father that helps in financial problem, single parents have a high risk for poverty.  According to the research compiled by the University of Washington’s West Coast Poverty Center, the effects on living on poverty include low self-esteem, increased anger, frustration, and an increased risk for violent behavior because of stress. Growing up in a single parent, there are other emotional effects including the feeling of abandonment, sadness, loneliness, and difficulty in socializing and connecting with others.

     In some reasons single parenting also can have a positive impact on the children, depending on some personal parenting techniques. According to a study at Cornell University, children with single parents may gain strong responsibility skills because of they do more family chores and different task. Single parent and their children may closely dependent on each other, therefore, they form close bonds between them and also to the extended family members and friends that may help raise them. 

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