Considering the title I predict

Considering the title I predict that the poem will be about painting a water lily, and the steps required to do so.

The poem has many different types of figurative language from personification to metaphpors to imagery and hyperboles. One example is the dragonfly is personified in the beginning “that eats meat, that bullets by.” Nature is also personified “There are battle shouts and death cries everywhere hereabouts”. Then an example of imagery is the very first line.”a green level of lily leaves roofs the pond’s chamber and paves”

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The speaker carries himself with an informative, descriptive observant tone. The artists must capture, the natural real world for what it is. The speaker gave specific instructions.

One shift is that, Everything in Nature is violent, except the water lilies, stuck in both the real world and also in the paintings.

The title on interpretive level is that in order to paint a water lily, one must know the deepness and intricacy of a waterlily and its ecosystem.

The theme can be nature can be both peaceful and violent if viewed from a different perspective, when a full understanding of the subject is acknowledged it will be easier to paint, in order to capture the scene correctly.

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