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Construction is a vast and a complex industry whichinvolves many different parties and a variety of business operations. It isconsidered as the backbone of a country since it includes all kinds ofdifferent stakeholders such as government, customers, suppliers etc. Other thanmaking profits, construction organizations have to consider about otherlong-term driving forces such as social responsible activities in order to surviveand thrive in the long run. Therefore, the responsibility vested upon differententities for the impact caused by them on the society is known as the CorporateSocial Responsibility (CSR).Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) brings inenvironmental, economic and social considerations into the business policiesand practices. It makes businesses more socially, economically andenvironmentally responsible and engages them to execute their operations forthe betterment of the society while increasing their competitivenessIn the literature review the CSR concept was discussed indetail and a critical analysis was done on different theories related with it.

It was discovered that the primary goal of a construction company is togenerate and maximize profits. In the preliminary survey it was observed on thecurrent implementation and reporting processes associated with CSR that arebeing followed by the construction industries. Considering the critical factorsidentified through the preliminary survey, a theoretical framework and aprocess was developed. Basically, the primary goal of this study was to exploitthe best methods to encourage the construction industry to incorporatecorporate social responsibility (CSR) to their activities along with their expectedbenefits. Thus, as the final output of this research a concept for decisionmaking process related to CSR together with an appropriate framework toimplement it was developed with necessary evidences and with proper analyses.

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As most of the construction organizations are alreadyperforming a considerable amount of community work, they can include CSRactivities also into their policies and implement them in a formal way. Thiswill provide a firm basis to adapt CSR activities effectively within the organization.By developing a CSR policy, they can resolve the issues related with the CSRstrategies and by following the developed decision making and implementationframeworks they can achieve a successful improvement in fulfilling theircorporate social responsibility and face the challenges in the present industryeffectively.Key Words: – Corporate Social Responsibility,long term endurance, Construction Industry

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