Consulate Consulate keeps truck of Kazakhstani students

Consulate General of the
Republic of Kazakhstan in Istanbul

Dates: 11st September 2017 – 19th January 2018

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General Mr. Yerkebulan Sapiyev

Consulate General of Republic of Kazakhstan in
Istanbul exists in this region from 1994. This consulate responsible for
several provinces in Turkey. Mainly: Istanbul, Edirne, Tekirdag, Bursa,
Canakkale, Mugla, Balikesir, Manisa, Kocaeli, Izmir, Denizli, Isparta, Aydin,
Yalova, Burdur, Sakarya, Dujze, Kirkareli. 
We need to highlight that in the regions mentioned above, there are
great numbers of Kazakhstani citizens, who mostly keep connections with
Kazakhstan. The main aim of the consulate is to provide services for both Kazakhstani
and Turkey citizens living within the Consulate’s region. Consulate General
wants to make contributions in every sphere of its activities, hence aims at deepening
the relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan. Republic of Kazakhstan has its
embassy in capital city Ankara and Consulate General in Istanbul which is led
by a consul general. Our Consulate provides almost the same services and
perform the same official tasks. Whereas it might seem that Consulate does not
have such big importance as an embassy, in many occasions, it plays even bigger
role in attaining some significances due to its location within Turkey. Hence,
the Consulate does handle the issues which are directly connected with the
population. Consulate is responsible for passports, birth registrations and a
lot of other facilities for those who are visiting Turkey or those who hold
residency in a country. Consulate also has department which is responsible for
providing visas for Turkey citizens who want to study in Kazakhstan, or visit
for travel or business purposes. Consulate keeps truck of Kazakhstani students
in universities, actively engage with them by organizing events. In case of
emergency Consulate does its best to preserve their rights. Also it engages
actively with the embassy, to conduct commercial programs to increase business
partners and potential investors for Kazakhstan market.

internship in Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Istanbul
lasted 4 months starting from 11st September 2017 – 19th
January 2018. During that period, I was placed to Trade Promotion office and
Agricultural Attaché Department of General Consulate. What is the Trade
Promotion office and Agricultural Attaché? This department is in charge of
endorsing products and services of Kazakhstan to the markets in Turkey and
vise-versa. It also analyzes trade and industry and fiscal policies of the Turkey
that might have an effect on the Kazakhstan economy, trade flows and investment
climate. The Department stimulates mutual trade by finding new prospects for Turkish
exporters, backing up acquaintances between important businesspersons, building
prosperous relationships between TR and Kazakhstan industries and groups.
Another vital task is to make sure that TR exports to markets in the Republic
of Kazakhstan meet the terms with the home regulations. Correspondingly, it does
tracking of anti-dumping or other trade restrictions that may block the track
of business between the two states, or that may touch the financial, commercial
or economic welfares of Kazakhstan. The economic
development in Kazakhstan creates many opportunities and challenges for Turkish

also offers assistance and information to Kazakhstan companies and chambers of
commerce in foreign trade issues and establishes contact with the relevant Turkey
authorities or commercial organizations in the Turkey, hence Kazakhstani entrepreneurs
can achieve their business objects. Moreover, it promotes the current positive
investment environment in Kazakhstan and encourages TR investors to do business
with Kazakhstani partners. Also I had these responsibilities,


Greeting officials at the
airport and accompany them

Introducing officials
upon arrival

Preparing and conducting
of foreign visits and working trips

Scheduling programs of
working visits, trips and other events

Input of data
into internal database

Assist in the
preparation of short, topical industry reports covering Kazakhstan market,
which are of interest to TR exporters

Assist with
trade and other events taking place during the internship

Assist with
day-to-day office tasks

my internship started I had been instructed with department structure. Then, I
had a chance to apply my theoretical knowledge on practice. The most
significant part for me where I had a chance to apply my gained knowledge was
in assisting correspondence of between business people. It was taken place in
Istanbul, where Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey’s business people came together
by the help of “DEIK” organization to discuss Kazakhstan Economy and Investment opportunities in
Kazakhstan. DEIK is an organization of foreign economic relations board. I
learnt so much with every meeting and interaction I had with people there. It
was very hard in the beginning, but once I understood my tasks and the clearance
process it is very entertaining.
The best side of the internship was
the variety of tasks that I could work on within the Consulate and the
importance and impact the work has on Kazakhstan citizens and Turkey. The
experiences I have had during the internship pave the way to implement my
knowledge gained at Istanbul Sehir University.



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