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Cpt. John Yossarian is a WWII bombardier and is trying to stay sick in his liver so that he will no longer have to complete missions for the time being Because Yossarian tries to avoid danger as much as possible he fakes his liver condition and he then writes letters to his family that he has been called to serve in a very dramatic battle This quickly bores Yossarian and to combat his boredom he sometimes censors adjectives and adverbs, sometimes he crosses out the salutations and greetings, and still other times he writes on the letter with the signature “Washington Irving” and even other times “Irving Washington”People start to think that Yossarian is a lunatic for believing there is a war between people that is happening especially a guy named Clevinger, when Yossarian says that they’re trying to kill him, Clevinger says that everyone is trying to kill everyone else There have been 50 soldiers who have supposedly completed their 50 missions and are anxiously awaiting their release so that they can go back to their families, however, Heller clues that no one has been sent home yet. People like Yossarian because he takes so much evasive action to dodge getting hurt or injured in war so people don’t get lured into the war when they have a mission with him unlike Havermeyer, who strives be in danger which is why people don’t like him Milo meets with Yossarian because he is afraid of losing profits on his fruit, he learns after the visit that Yossarian doesn’t actually have a problem with his liver and has been giving away the fruit that Milo has been giving him which upsets him Yossarian tells Clevinger that the enemy is anyone that can get you killed, regardless of the side he is on, which includes Colonel Cathcart Yossarian attempts to convince his friends to hijack a car and get out of Bologna, Chief White Halfoat arrives in his car and him, Yossarian, Nately, and Dunbar take off.  Yossarian meets an Italian girl named Luciana and they have sex and Yossarian starts to feel like he is falling in love but we find out that the Italians also follow the self-defeating format of Catch-22 and she explains why it would be impossible for Yossarian and her to be together, after he comes back to the base the number of required mission had been raised to forty Yossarian spends all day trying to find Luciana after their interaction and takes out his sexual frustration with an old friend in lime-colored panties at a hotel

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