Crisis Management Plan

Introduction: The Crisis Management Plan is a guide to providing a response system, by American Electrical Inc. (AEI), to the major crisis that has arose on our company’s property. With the help and cooperation of Georgia Department of Environmental protection, it has come to the attention of American Electrical Inc. that hazardous materials may have been stored improperly within company property. All designated officials whom are to carry out specific responsibilities are expected to understand and adhere to the policies and procedures that have been outlined in this plan.The Crisis Manager Director for AEI is the CEO or his/her designate. The sole purpose is to design the plan effectively to coordinate the use of AEI’s resources and protect our employees and the community from future major crises. The plan is implemented to serve as a response to the current and future crisis.

The company has to maintain their credibility and with the crisis management plan, this can be done. The plan is important because it ensures that everyone is provided with the best response and also that the media can cover the story accurately and efficiently.This plan also limits the amount of danger the company can face with its employees and the community. Contacts: *Note- Phone Operators / PR reps should be able to direct & escort media to proper contact Name: Walter Martinson Cell: (404) 533-2175Work: (678) 332-4141*713Title: CEO of AEI *Spokesperson for AEI Responsibility: Activate Crisis Communication Plan, Designate Tasks, Direct Services Coordinate, Direct Control of Media Name: Angela CurranCell: (770) 219-7878Work: (678) 332-4141 *891 Title: Chief of P.R. Responsibility: Activate Emergency Info Line, Direct Calls Accordingly, Activate Emergency Voicemail, Select Venue for Public Events and Press Conferences Name: Todd McLemore Cell: (404) 217-9122 Work: (678) 332-4141 *674Title: V.

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P. of AEI Responsibility: Responds to General Inquiries/Facts About the Company, Explain Operations of Company Name: Terry SalterCell: (702) 428-8663Work: (678) 332-4141 *7318 Title: Exec. Committee Responsibility:Stipulate a location for Employee and Community Meetings; Direct Traffic Accordingly Name: George Willett Cell: (250) 871-3124Work: (678) 494-4141 *541Title: AEI’s Attorney Responsibility: Response and Handles All Legalities in Regards to AEI Name: Damon Ledbetter Cell: (404-989-1913Work: (404) 471-9153Title: GDEP, Field Chief Responsibility: Inquiries pertaining specifically to PCB’s, Testing of Water Supply, Contamination, etc. Key Audiences & Stakeholders: Employees-The most effective way to approach the employees of AEI, would be to hold a prompt mandatory meeting with all employees. As they are our first priority! The meeting will address all issues and potential problems that we could run in to. We will also reassure our employees that the crisis will be handled efficiently and effectively.

•Media-Upon ironing out all details of the Crisis Management Plan, AEI will hold a press conference for the media and the public’s viewing. Community-AEI will host a public forum for the community, in city hall, where we will inform the public of the situation. Afterwards, allowing up to an hour maximum for a Q/A session. The community will be able to voice their issues and concerns at this time. Post Crisis Planning and Evaluation: After the crisis has been fully dealt with, it is imperative for AEI to make sure their reputation has not been completely destroyed. We must determine what was lost and gained throughout the whole crisis plan process.

During the evaluation process, we will host an AEI public, opinion, which will help us establish how good the company’s reputation is. We will also take measures such as using focus groups, questionnaires, surveys, etc as a means of evaluation. Our company, by the end of evaluation should know or at least be able to determine, what worked, what could be improved, and what else could have been done to make the plan more efficient. AMERICAN ELECTRICAL INC. Fact Sheet •Established for over 30 Years •Broadened Customer Base Expanded Production •Doubled Stock from $36 million within 24 months •Acquired additional revenue by purchasing Multi-Phase Equipment, Inc.

•GDEP found improper storage of product on company property •Community surrounding the company complained of strange water •No correlation of improper storage and contaminated water. Document 2: Press Release P R E S S R E L E AS E AMERICAN ELECTRICAL INC. Contact: Walter Martinson, CEO Phone: (678) 332-4141 Ext. 713 Fax: (678) 332-4111 For Immediate Release Marietta, Georgia, February 14, 2010Recent complaints of water quality from the surrounding community prompted the GDEP to investigate the surrounding companies of water supply. In no way has the improper storage of PCBS by American Electrical Inc been associated with the possible contamination of the local water supply. However, in discovering the improper storage, it is our duty to clean up the potential hazardous material, ensuring that our organization is operating in an environmentally safe manner and is in compliance with GDEP’s regulations.

The incident is under investigation and more information is forthcoming. The GDEP will provide our company with a list of reliable, licensed vendors that specialize in the cleanup efforts. We want to stress that we are aware of the situation and will do everything possible to make sure it is addressed and rectified immediately. All further questions, before the press conference should be directed to the appropriate Crisis Taskforce Team Member.

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