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Critical Analysis – Into the Wild
Shibo Wang
American University Academic Skills 101-00
Christopher McCandless’s story is a very interesting story about a teenager who tries to looking his own self. His story shows the readers a boy tries to find the reel about real freedom. He tries to get into the real nature. No human society, only nature. But unfortunately, he got no food and he is too hungry. In the end, he passed away because starving in the northern boundary of Denali National Park. His crazy travel was done, and he does not need to face to the dangerous wild anymore. But there is a lot of people confused about him. Why he did this. He was a teenager who from a wealthy family. He can just like others teenagers enjoy his life, and have fun. There is no reason for him to push himself to the dangerous wild. There is a lot of people who guess many different reasons for Chris. According to Krakauer (2009), the author of Into the Wild we can find the relationship between Chris and his family is not that good. This can make Chris a lot of pressure. The author uses the relationship let us know a family is a big reason make Chris get into the wild. Also, Krakauer (2009) told reader there is some mental problem on Chris. But the real reason for Chris to get into the wild is he really like nature and he wants to try the real life and real freedom. He enjoys all the thing in the wild.

There is a lot of clue in the book show reader the reason Chris get into the wild. The first one is his duty. That is why he changed his view about his life. All the people around him have great expectations for him. Like all the family, the parents hope their kid able to get a good grade in school. Chris donut really cares about the school. School is not what he likes. But his parents still made him get into a really good school and made him get a very good grade in this school. That made him get a lot of pressure. After school, his job is another problem for him. It is too hard for him. Krakauer?2009) in his book show readers sometimes Chris cannot get enough salary. “After working there eleven days with six other vagabonds, it became clear to McCandless that Ernie had no intention of ever paying him” (Krakauer, 2009). Chris did not like his job But he still needs to do his job. That is another pressure for him.

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The second reason is the relationship between Chris and his family. This made Chris makes the decision to get into the wild. He does not like his parents’ lifestyle. He was not able to feel relax when he stays with his family. That made he feel you can only feel relax when you stay alone. He does not believe people can bring happiness to him. He enjoyed staying alone and he did not feel lonely. However in the end, before he dies, he realized he is wrong. He wrote this in his journal, “So it turned out that only a life similar to the life of those around us, merging with it without a ripple, is genuine life, and that an unshared happiness is not happiness. And this was most vexing of all, he noted…happiness is only real when shared.” (Krakauer, 2009) He realized what is the real happiness. And he knows he is wrong before. But it was late for him to realize this.

The main reason made Chris got into the wild is he want to try the real freedom and get out of the society. But the Economic base and educational background are also important. He came from a wealthy family. That made he never worries about the money. So he wants to be independent of his family. The high education made him can think about more than normal people. And Made him have the courage to start what he wants to do. All of these together made Chris made this decision to get into the wild. To find real freedom.

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