Curiosita: an instrument that many of my

Curiosita: A Life-Long Approach to Learning
As a human being curiosity is in the base of my consciousness. I possess the desire to learn and grow as an individual and to cultivate the acquisition of knowledge with the purpose of aiding others. While reading Curiosita I was inspired to focus away from “getting the right answer” and instead “getting the right question.” Curiosità is the foundation for the life and genius of Leonardo da Vinci, he was a man who was relentlessly asking questions and seeking answers; his questions instigated his remarkable inventions, philosophies, and art. Deprived of curiosity Einstein may have never created the theory of relativity or photoelectric effect, nor would have Stephen Hawking established that the universe is without space-time boundaries and the presence of black hole radiation. Curiosity is an instrument that many of my role-models have employed to lead them to the path of success. I aspire to one day become a successful astrophysicist and my inquisitiveness will unquestionably lead me to make compelling and distinguished discoveries. Through my reading, I have been inspired to continue a writing of the diverse cultures of our world which I had originally began when I was seven years old. While renewing my efforts I have asked so many valuable and fundamental questions of my project and of countless other aspects which has not only sparked my curiosity in them but has expanded my perspective and knowledge while encouraging me to delve deeper within the expanse of my thoughts. I have found new horizons which I aspire to reach in my future. Curoista strikes me as an indispensable principle; the art of asking questions is a lesson I will not ever forget.

The principle of dimonstrazione means to have a commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. This principle is of immense importance to me. Through reading of this principle and application of its exercises I have solidified my skill to identify perspectives of people and persuasion techniques with are used by advertisers. This skill I will undoubtedly carry on with me as it hinders my judgements from use falling under the influence of others. I have learned not to fear making mistakes for they are the path to success; without making mistakes I may never grow as an individual. I have assurance that in the future I will live without fear of making mistakes. I should not allow obstacles to hinder me from achieving my ambitions; facing adversity will make me a stronger individual. Leonardo da Vinci was a critic of his own work and this quality of self-evaluation aided him in refining the quality of his work. I hope to continue being my greatest critic, to advance in my effort to reach my goals. Leonardo’s practical approach to learning led him to question the authority and dogma of his time and propagate independence of thought as well as learning derived from experience. I will endeavor to do my part in leading my society through a constructive transformation by raising questions which will lead to beneficial changes. I will carry with me the ability to think independently and learn from my mistakes and experiences these aptitudes will guide me through a successful and rewarding life.

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The refinement of my senses, the principle Sensazione, is essential as I use my senses to comprehend and appreciate the individuals and spaces around me. My senses are what connect me to the others; they are the lens through which I see. My senses have crafted my past and will reveal my future. My senses allow me to truly feel what envelops me. The savoring welcome of new-fangled delicacies, the unmatched harmony of musical chords, the organic and architectural beauty right outside my door, the luscious aromas of vibrantly colored flowers, and the loving embrace of the ones I adore are all experiences my senses grant me. I have practiced the exercises which strengthen my senses and will continue to follow them to enhance my senses and accordingly my outlook on my surroundings. Leonardo Da Vinci’s uncanny visual acuity allowed him to capture exquisite subtleties of human expression and unprecedented details from nature. Da Vinci valued and cultivated the refinement of all the senses. I have begun to cultivate keener vision by observing nature or life around me and describing its features on paper or in my mind. Every sound and every silence provide an opportunity to deepen auditory perspicacity. I daily take a few minutes a day to stop and listen to the sounds around me, then listen for the spaces (silence) between sounds. Through various daily exercises, I hope to sharpen my senses and observe details which were missing before. My senses are my most influential and powerful tools. In order for me to stay in contact with the world around me, I will work to develop my senses because they are the gateway through which I perceive the world.
The concept of Sfumato means to be habituated with change and ambiguity. Leonardo da Vinci embraced uncertainty, ambiguity, the tension of opposites, paradoxes which were indicated in his intriguing work, most notable of which the Mona Lisa. As I ensue on my journey to gain wisdom and experience I will encounter happenings which cannot be answered or explained. I have learned not to tremble beneath the unknown, but to instead see it as numerous possibilities. I bolstered my ability to hold creative tension; accordingly, my focus and quality of work have been enriched. I to thrive with change and be comfortable in a continually shifting environment. I learned that contrasting ideas often are paired together, like joy and sorrow, while they might have seemed quite different before through reflection I have seen that in my most influential memories there are always a mix of contrasting, if not completely dissimilar emotions, if one was removed the memory would lose its impact on my life. When I first contemplated this concept in a Disney movie, Inside Out, at the time, I did not realize its meaning. I believe this was caused by my perception of combined conflict caused by joy and sadness. Through my reading of Sfumato, I have contemplated many instances in my life when paradoxical elements come together and result in something meaningful; that has profoundly opened my perspective. In my future career and in daily life I am destined to come across peculiar and incomprehensible concepts and life changing events; from what I now understand I know that they will broaden my outlook and encourage me to peruse more captivating questions. I hope to accomplish in the future what Miguel Unamuno once incongruously declared “Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible. ”

The principle of Art/Scienza means to have whole brain thinking, to have both logic and creativity. To embrace both science and art and realize their interconnectedness. A great deal of creativity is required to make scientific breakthroughs, and art is just as often an expression of (or a product of) scientific knowledge. One of the most famous examples of the interconnection between art and science is the work of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. I learned to embrace both science and art and have observed their unity in the world around me. I have completed numerous mind-mapping exercises to cultivate whole-brain thinking and engage my mind. Through this experience, I found that I am both left and right brained thinker. Nevertheless, I believe I should strive to consolidate both aspects more frequently to conceive of ideas in a more imaginative as well as functional way. I see through memory mind mapping that it is easier for me not only to memorize information but also observe their connections to other concepts within my mind. My creativity mind maps are vastly diverse and often bursting with many intriguing and unique ideas and thoughts. I have written about my thoughts on the underlying basis of our consciousness, outlandish titles for methods of removing carbon from the atmosphere, innovations I hope to see in the future, characteristics of creatures which may be found at the bottom of our oceans, even the uniqueness of prime numbers have all been explored in my creativity mind maps. I will carry on with me the skill of making mind maps which will cultivate the importance of both art and science and logic and creativity alike.
Corporalita is the cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, and poise. The state of the body also influences the mind; therefore, it is imperative for me to keep both in superior condition. It is well understood that better physical health boosts mental acuity, yet so many people do not take notice of their physical condition which often troubles them later in life. To escape this outcome, I have made it my personal goal to maintain excellent health; I hope to improve grace and poise guided by the exercises for the cultivation of Corporalita. I do yoga daily to advance my dexterity and stamina as well as calm my mind. My jogs in the evening with my family are an excellent means to keep aerobically fit. I am a life-long vegetarian which promotes my energy and fitness. These healthy habits encourage a healthy lifestyle and an excellent poise. I have confidence that I keep with me these healthy habits in the future as an adult, as they will be even more so necessary. I completed many writing exercises to promote ambidexterity to promote the balance of the two point of views of my mind. I have found that my writing style changes drastically lean toward a more expressive and informal way if written by my left hand. I have also tried my hand at juggling and found it a fun and focus-oriented activity. The experience of learning juggling required much persistence and patience as it was not a simple task and required a prompt response from both the mind and the body. I will effort retain and advance my current routines and continue to stay strong, healthy, and balanced in both the mind and body.
All elements of life are interconnected and systems thing, the principle Connessione, is the method by which I can perceive the world around me. The analogy of a stone being dropped in water and the emergence of radiating waves is often used to describe the importance of seemingly unimportant events which also methodically and substantially influence countless other systems. Systems thinking and combination enable me the entire puzzle instead of singular puzzle pieces lacking meaning. It is imperative to understand the weight of an occurrence and the relationship it has with other events to be able to fathom their connectivity to reveal mutual characteristics. This ability prompted Leonardo da Vinci to distinguish some remarkable aspects of physics (matter) and evolution (comparative anatomy). As a prospective astrophysicist, by utilizing the connectivity of all things in space I can make astounding discoveries regarding the universe and how it behaves. Systems thinking is especially important in this field of science as its main premise is to find a single equation which follows both general relativity and quantum theory and thus explain the universe; this ultimatum is called the theory of everything. I aspire to one day contribute to this theory and comprehending the connectivity of the two main theories in physics will guide me to solutions. Origin thinking is a very insightful exercise which engages my mind to think in ways I would not normally do. As I delved deep into the origins of the things around me I kindled an awareness of microcosm and macrocosm. I learned that I share things with not only other living creatures but also the vast expanse of the cosmos. Connessione will indefinitely be a principle which will shape my future and encourage greater appreciation and understanding of the world around me.

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