Currently, the use of social media fulfils

Currently, social media has been an evolving change that most individuals have experience with or at least recognizes it. It is an ongoing trend that does not seem to end. The realization about social media is it has changed lives and matter of fact it affects people in unthinkable ways. The use of social media affects individuals in a negative manner because it leads to multiple sources of unhealthy conduct. The rate at which people contribute to social media websites have increased according to Pew Research Center of Internet and Technology, “…today 69% of the public uses some type of social media”(Anderson par.1). Beyond the years social media has grown into a dominant source for people to attain information, visually acquire rising prodigies and for entertainment purposes. Since its expanding throughout the entire world, it has turned into a necessity to have. Even more than usual, more adults have been creating and using social media accounts then they were years ago. Social media provides a platform for users to visually see or follow many people. With this, it becomes a damaging and unhealthy representation of lives which can ultimately direct people to producing harmful behavior and being influenced in an unconventional way.
In particular, the use of social media fulfils a negative role on individuals because it is prone to health problems. Social media has shown an impact in the decrease of health and nutrition in individuals. Nutrition is the necessity of attaining active habits as it helps growth in an individual. Social media has remained to be a growing platform that has taken over people’s lives. Social media includes any website or application that allows people to communicate and intervene with others. Nutrition is on a decline currently because individuals are investing hours upon hours on social media platforms and looking at their computer screens all day. When people are consuming themselves with cell phone usage, it emits blue light rays, which can ultimately damage eyesight and contribute towards a negative health effect called computer vision syndrome (CVS). As stated by the American Optometric Association “…providers found that 82 percent reported an increase in patients experiencing eye strain and other effects of blue light exposure” (Richer and Newman par. 4). The excessive exposure to blue light rays’ damages people’s health and it all goes back to the time spent on social media. People are caught up for extended periods of time just on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter that its actually impairing their health more than it is acknowledged. Since social media contributes to negative health effects, it is evident that it is also substandard to a person’s well-being.
Additionally, social media affects the stability of others physically and mentally because out of all the aspects that is incorporated on these platforms, people are not paying attention to their contentment. Basically, viewing social media on a routine basis can inflict startling behaviors to individuals who perceive others such as celebrities, athletes or influencers as an ideal perspective on how to enjoy their own life. Also, many people that are being influenced are picking out details about themselves that are hated and unwanted. With doing so, people start to get low self-esteem, which considers the resisted impact that social media makes on body image. In particular, adolescents who are going through many changes are more likely to experience certain issues regarding depression, eating disorders, and body image issues just based on the posts being viewed on social media. Moreover, it is not inevitably one person who desires a change on their body, but matter of fact its society that is implanting various attributes to maintain a fitter body. In a statement from Lindsey Piercy from the University of Kentucky, “nearly 80 percent of teens, by age 13, have at least one social media account…according to the study, teens who reported posting more pictures on social media had a heightened awareness of their appearance, which was related to feeling more negative about their body” (Piercy par. 9 and 10). Being accustomed to certain aspects of the social media world has influenced people to worry less on their personal life and more on their aesthetic appearance. As more usage of social media increases more people will fall into traps that include contrary qualities that will lead to body image issues and depression. Personal well-being is important to have in life and sometimes it gets taken away by oppressing populaces.
Not to mention, amongst all platforms on social media cyberbullying is one of the leading contributors to a dismissive outlook on individuals. Cyberbullying has had an upbringing ever since social media platforms were introduced. It can consist of any source on demeaning communication that allows a threatening or invasive behavior that is being sent through electronics. Many people suffer depression for such behavior through bullying over the internet and caused some to even end their lives. Social media has affected lives in the way of merging deficient behavior to discriminate and slander other individuals through media platforms. Cyberbullying can take place as an adolescent but, adults are also influenced as well. From a source called ProCon, “52% of students have reported being the victim of cyberbullying with 84.2% naming Facebook as the site through which they have been bullied, followed by Instagram (23.4%), Twitter (21.4%), and snapchat (13.5%)…and middle school children who are victims are almost twice as likely to attempt suicide”(“Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?” par.25). Many times when cyberbullying takes place its either people levelling unjust accusations, belittling or menacing. Throughout all social media platforms cyberbullying takes place every day, it is a nonstop and detrimental trend to individuals and their personal state.
Although with all the negative behavior that takes place on all social media platforms, it does represent a positive attribute because it can be used to motivate others by looking up to certain celebrities as a push for success. Seeing numerous celebrities share their life through social media platforms has allowed many people to be inspired by their actions. Motivation can encourage people on all kinds of levels to overcome their most extraordinary virtues. Experiencing the urge to excel can place a heavy desire for individuals to prevail through hardships. Many social media users that are able to look up to others will be willing to work harder to become just as successful as some celebrities. However, many of these characteristics play into why it is obscure. By a post from the National Library of Medicine, “Studies also indicate that individuals with high levels of celebrity worship are more likely to have poorer mental health as well as clinical symptoms of depression, anxiety, and social dysfunction” (Sansone par. 1). Realistically, individuals might get motivated by such influencers but overall, it will just cause more health problems in the long run. In this case, celebrities present a negative influence on many people’s lives.
Since social media is likely to continue growing, there needs to more precautions to progress healthy lifestyles. The effects of continuing to support negative behavior on social media would ultimately lead to more lives being hurt and more people evolving unhealthy behaviors. Considering social media is immensely established, it is exceedingly valuable to address the constant time people put into being on these platforms every day. There has to be more light shown on the situation to show others that there is a more productive and stable environment without social media. As a solution, there has to be more control over the amount of time people spend on social media. To limit time spent on social media there needs to be notifications to aware the user to consider some time off of these sites and encourage effective and practical alternatives. Think about all the time spent on social media and make sure to limit the time on these platforms to a live a healthier and stable lifestyle.

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