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Last updated: April 19, 2019

CUSTOMISED FERTILIZERS Rural Marketing Submitted By Kiran S. Ahirrao Roll No. 1006 Customized Fertilizers 1. What is Customized Fertilizer? Ans: Customised Fertilizers are combination of micro nutrients like sulphur, zinc, boron added to the key items such as urea and diammonium phosphate (DAP) and potash, in a proportion that suits specific crops and soil patterns. A fertilizer formulated according to specifications that are furnished by/for a consumer prior to mixing, usually based on the results of soil tests.

Customized fertilizers are depends on soil, crop, water and specific nutrients. Customised fertiliser manufacture basically involves mixing and crushing of urea, DAP, MOP, ZnS, bentonite sulphur and boron granules for obtaining the desired proportion of N, P, K, S and micronutrients. The mixture is subjected to steam injection, drying, sieving and cooling, so as to get a uniform product with every grain having the same nutrient composition. 2. Issues in marketing of customized fertilizers Ans: Customized fertilizer is new concept which is firstly introduced by Tata Chemicals Ltd. n fertilizer industry. Following are some issues in marketing of customized fertilizers: 1.

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Production Cost is high therefore these are costly fertilizers and not subsidized by Government of India. 2. The diversity in product mix between producers. 3. There should be healthy competition as subsidy will given by GOI on nutrient basis and integrated use of nutrients with thrust on to avoid indiscriminate and imbalanced used of fertilizer. 4.

Allocation of raw material (finish fertilizers). 5. Awareness of these fertilizers among farmers.

. These fertilizers are not affordable to small farmers. 7. Segmentation and promotion are big issues in marketing of customized fertilizers. 3. Marketing plan for customized fertilizer in your state. Ans: Marketing plan for customized fertilizers in Western-Central Maharashtra: Company Name : Tata Chemicals Ltd. Product Name : Paras Primary data collection: Region: Western- Central region Primary data collection regarding to soil type, cropping pattern, economic status of farmers, land holding capacity, water testing, etc.

hich help us to prepare the fertilizer according to farmer needs. Marketing Plan on the basis of 4 P’s: 1. Product: Product has prepared on the basis of soil testing report and solution offering to the farmers. Packaging: packages are available in different quantities like 50 kg, 80 kg and 100kg. Packaging material: good quality plastic material which is not affects the fertilizer.

Labeling: on labeling nutrient content, government quality trade mark, net weight was mention. Value added services: soil testing in cheap rate, Crop insurance, Home delivery,Free demonstration on farm and Free consultancy to the farmer after purchase these fertilizes, etc. Product quality: These fertilizers are specially designed to contain macro and micro nutrients required by selected crops in specific regions, based on soil, crop and water sample analyses. Paras applications promote sustainable agriculture by maintaining soil health and providing the best nutritional package for better plant growth and premium quality output. 2. Price: Price is based on nutrient content.

Discount on purchased in bulk quantity.On sale 10% margin for distributer, 5% margin for dealer and 2% margin for retailer. 3.

Promotion: Paras fertilizers tested on farmer fields, and at 12 Krishi Vigyaan Kendras by conducting research experiments. Advertising in News paper, Mobile phone sms, Agro exhibition, K. Y.

K. Create awareness of these fertilizer through experiences of farmers. 4. Place: a) Transport: transport through road ways at different location as near as main plant. b) Marketing channel: Distribution Channel for marketing of “Paras” customized fertilizer.


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