Customized including report views by customers and

Customized reports: With HomeGauge, home inspectors scan use the standard built-in report templates or create custom templates as per their requirements. They can choose different formats and styles of reports (grid, checklist, and narrative), add new section items, add or create a cover page, and add or edit auto-comments. Users can also upload videos to the inspection reports or attach images, documents, PDFs, MS docs, and HTML files.  Videos can be used to show defects or other issues with the property to the client. Users can also merge multiple reports by using a desktop or a mobile device.

Inspector tips: Users can add tips related to clearances, code, and safety, to the report. These tips can be used for self-reference or to train a new inspector. Using the tool’s re-inspection feature, users can automatically create a copy of the original report.

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Report tracking: Using the tool’s ‘History’ feature, users can keep a track of all the activity around a particular report including report views by customers and third-parties (when the customer forwards their report), and report shares, and they can also track the timelines of these activities.

Online appointment manager and calendar: The tool’s calendar integrates with Google Maps and Google Calendar, letting users manage their appointments online.

Online agreements and electronic signatures: With this feature, customers or buyers can access and accept an inspection agreement online. Customers can also sign the agreement digitally.

Accept credit cards online: Users can setup a merchant account to accept online credit card payments from customers who are viewing or buying an inspection report online.

Call center integration: The tool’s HomeGauge Appointment Manager lets customers or buyers book appointments online. Inspection companies can download the booked appointments directly into the system and can view them via integrated Google Calendar.

Mobile capability: Users can use the tool’s HG Companion with an Android or iOS mobile device to access or make edits to inspection reports, attach photos, download appointments, record audio bytes, record video clips, and a lot more. The app works on HomeGauge Version 5 desktop software and is not supported in HomeGauge 4.

What is unique about HomeGauge?

·        HomeGauge 5, the latest version of HomeGauge software, is the most advanced home inspection software on the market in comparison to other similar products.

·        The tool offers sample inspection reports which home inspectors can refer while creating their own reports.

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