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Argument Essay (draft)
Gun Control and Mass Violence
The issue of Gun control has been a long time debate and argument in the society because of the high rate of killing and violence. Recent event such as the shooting in Waffle house, and the shooting in Florida high school have convinced government officials to support gun controls laws. People have asked questions concerning who should have the rights to carry guns in the society, and how they are obtained. The government should pass new gun rule, and stop the sale of guns to its citizens except military personnel to avoid mass violence and murder.

Keeping guns from citizens can lower the increasing rate of mass murder. For example, the Las Vegas shooting took over the lives of many citizens. An individual, who opened fire during a musical concert killed fifty-eight people leaving eight hundred and fifty one people injured, did this incident. This individual had different types of gun in his possession after the police made the arrest. If the citizens of the country had no guns, then the mass violence would not happen. No guns means less murder and that is a good reason to get rid of guns completely. The Florida high school shooting tells us the reason why gun control is necessary. This mass shooting occurred on February 14, 2018 by a young boy Nikolas Cruz. Seventeen people died during the shooting, and leaving seventeen injured. Students in Stoneman Douglas High school began campaigning for gun control legislation to ease the killing of students in the society. The Raytown shooting in Missouri is also a major concern. This shooting occurred in the parking lot of Raytown South Middle School after one person fired different shots. Most of this shooting are done by individuals. Therefore, the question is how they gained access to guns. Unlike Switzerland, the highest rate of guns owned in the world is the United State, according to the research made by Guardian. Most citizens do not require a license to purchase a gun, and this is a major fact that leads to mass murder on a daily basis. According to a new pew Research Center Study, about five in ten Americans say they bought a gun by themselves, while 48% says they lived in a household of guns. The cause of this is because of the second amendment that gives you right to own a gun for protection. If government can make a restriction to gun sales and pass a new law concerning gun control then there would be no mass violence and murder.

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Many law enforcement agencies, people and organizations are in support for guns to be the banned in the society. For example, the survivors of Florida high school led the rally in Washington dc against gun violence. The main point of this rally is stand against the gun violence of students. This rally involved students, families, and families of the deceased to support their claim to stop gun violence. Also senior sheriffs has spoken to politicians who do not support gun control to make amendment to it because of the high rate of mass killing, which has also killed more security personnel during an exchange with gun owners. According to a senior sheriff in Barrow County, he stated that any politicians who do not support gun control would not be re-elected into office. This sheriff suggested to congress to make a vote to reduce gun violence and a ban on any stylish weapons.

The human cost and murder involved in this mass violence are too great to ignore. In 1990, the rate of murder caused by handguns was 10,561. Many lives have been lost up until now due to gun violence in the society. Due to the rate of mass killing and murder, most of the injured victims are treated by public funds and donation raised by the people.

One could argue that strict gun control laws will not affect crime rate. In countries like Switzerland, Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Spain no gun violence there because there is strict gun control in place. For example, in Britain Handguns are illegal for citizens. In Italy, for you to purchase a gun, you must proof and have a good reason why you need to purchase the gun, and do a background check considering criminal and mental records. While in Finland, as a citizen, you can purchase a gun if you are an active member in a shooting club and do a police interview. Australia has not had a mass shooting since 1996 compare to the United State. The reason behind this is that the government succeeded in passing tough new gun control laws to reduce the rate of violence in the country after recent killing.

In addition, people who own guns see it as self-defense because of the daily activity of robbery, home burgling and killing. This people will not support the idea for gun control, but most of them use it in a bad way.

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