Dear day. I woke up in the

Dear dairy, today started like any other day. I woke up in the alley way with people hustling and bustling all around. It took my mum about 10 minutes to find me this morning, it normally takes her 8. I guess you don’t exactly stand out from the crowd when you’re only 9 years old. Work started extra early today, around 6:30am I think. I can’t really tell the time seeming I’ve never gone to school and not being able to afford a watch doesn’t help. When I finally arrived at the textile factory with my mum, I was instantly put to work on a machine called the Spinning Jenny. I’m not quite sure how this machine works I just know it makes some people money. It was nearly smoke break when the whole factory filled with screams of a child. Just one row over a kid around five I would say was stuck in a fan belt. I don’t really want to describe the incident, all I will say is that cleaning it up made me hurl. This made getting back to working a little nerve racking for me. This was the first real incident I’ve ever seen and now putting my fingers anywhere near those spindles won’t be quite as easy as it used to be. We knocked off at our usual time around 5pm and got our pay, a lousy 1 shilling and 6 pence for the whole day’s hard work. This was quite a horrific day, for even me but I guess I don’t know any different, after all I was born on the streets and have been working the factories since I could walk. I think it’s quite common for us kids to go in with ours mum at a young age and help them earn a few extra shillings. This all hits even harder when I see the rich men drive their carts and wear nice clothes. I guess they are like my idols, being one of them is my true goal in life. Well I better get to sleep now, work starts early and I don’t like the whip.

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