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Dear Editor, I would like to propose writing a series of articles on cheese for the Food and Table sections of your newspaper. I believe that the articles will appeal to many of your readers especially chefs, foodies, wine lovers, cheese buyers and cheese novices. Method and purpose Each article will consist of the geographical location of where the cheese is made, method of production and the milk type of each cheese along with serving suggestions and wine parings. There will also be articles that focus on the terms used in cheese production, how to shop, preserve, and present the cheeses that will be purchased. I have attached two samples to this email. Articles will introduce many lesser – known yet excellent cheeses. These articles will also provide a background which will allow readers to make better informed decisions and rewarding purchases. I am also proposing to include reviews of cheese shops in Ocean and Monmouth counties. Word Count 350 – 800 words per article. All articles will be written in a conversational, clear style that can be ready for weekly printing or on you printing timetable. If this proposal interests you, I can be contacted as listed below. Lester Majkowicz 973-513-2694 HYPERLINK [email protected] [email protected] Bio Lester Majkowicz has over 17 years in the cheese industry as a sales representative for Worlds Best Cheeses in New York and The CheeseWorks in New Jersey. He is also an avid amateur photographer and musician who enjoys 60s science fiction.

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