Dear reasons for economic maneuvers, while economic

Dear Madam / Sir,

I would like to emphasize my desire to get admitted to
the Master program of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam,
starting in Fall semester 2018-2019.

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I have a huge interest in international politics and in
its two-sided relations with economics. Largely, political conflicts are the
main reasons for economic maneuvers, while economic progress in any one state
or region may be perceived as a direct threat to the political stability and sense
of security in another state or region. In our textbooks, we find David Ricardo
and Adam Smith’s positive views on liberal open markets and benefits of
“comparative advantage”, however, when we compare the scholars’ theories with the
reality out there we may observe that nowadays they are pretty much far away
from each other. So, what are the main driving factors behind these tendencies?
Why is there such a gap between the idealistic advantages of globalization and
the reality of excessive protectionism?

As a result of permanent desire to answer this questions by using
both the theoretical approach combined with some tangible statistical
indicators depicting the actual cases, I decided to continue and deepen my
education in the field of International Relations. It is also the result of my
profound interest in the interaction of politics and economics, which seem very
distant, but which actually are very interdependent  disciplines.

I am a very diligent and hardworking student. I never failed in any course
and in any exam as well as never used any of the 4 allowable chances of course
withdrawal so far. During my studies, however, I wished I could gain some
practical experience in the field in addition to my gained theoretical
knowledge. Yet, it was almost an impossible task for me to find an internship
in the state institutions and/or government bodies here in Turkey, where I am
considered an international student, since I am not a citizen and some of my
rights to apply for an internship here were limited. Therefore, the only
available alternative for me was to continue my studies and further
accumulating the theoretical knowledge in order to prepare myself for the
future career prospective. Meanwhile, I still was not giving up my searches for
practical skills. Fortunately, my aspirations and pursuit were not in vain.
Ultimately, thanks to my arduous work and endless efforts, I could get an
internship at the Ihsan Do?ramac? Peace Foundation’s Center for Foreign Policy
and Peace Research during my final year of studies, which is headquartered in Bilkent
University’s Campus. I was delighted with this long-awaited event, since my
instructor, who is also a staff member at the Center – impressed by my academic
performance – positioned me as his research assistant.

His main research topic concerns Russian political agenda towards
the “Near Abroad”, its main foreign political and economic objectives, their
forms, ways of implementation as well as the degree of their impact on world
political affairs. Thanks to the obtained intern position at the Center, I
became especially interested in the sphere of International Relations and
Foreign Policy of Russian Federation, Russian-CIS and Russian-West relations.
Additionally, the fact that my mother tongue is Russian, and the fact that I am
from Azerbaijan, which historically was significantly influenced by Russian
culture, gives me the advantage over other researchers in the field in terms of
relative ease of becoming better acquainted with the situation in the country,
and collect unique (sometimes even inaccessible) data for my research.
Nevertheless, I am not going to limit myself only to the Russian affairs. I
will also focus my attention on fragile regions, which are teeming with
conflicts. I will deepen my understanding of the persistency of these conflicts
there. My aim is to become more competent in the field and I believe your
Master program of International Relations (+ Political Economy) will greatly
contribute to the achievement of my aim.

I hope I will be granted this chance of making my ambitions come
true, as I strongly believe that I am capable of meeting all the required
criteria, if not exceeding your possible expectations.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,

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