Dear Sir or Madam,Since receiving my first personal

Dear Sir or Madam,Since receiving my first personal computer at the age of seven, I have always been captivated by the way computers work and how there are a variety of ways for an individual to utilize it. It truly fascinated me as to this day I have a passion for versatility in terms of computing skills. I also share the same interest in the business world due to my hands-on experience in assisting my family to manage our own little company. I have a strong belief that this course which combines both fields of my liking will benefit my further development which will be driven by my enthusiasm.Among many subjects – IT, Mathematics and English language have always been the ones that interested me the most hence my passion for this course was able to grow. IT and Mathematics were challenging and somewhat demanding but that made it even more interesting. I find it exciting to generate solutions and solve problems. Learning the English language felt natural to me and it did not take me long to know that I will be pursuing my dreams abroad, more specifically – in the United Kingdom.

Last year I took Economics classes that were taught in English that I really enjoyed, however, the subject was terminated and is no longer accredited but it spiked my interest in business studies that I do not regret.At an early point in my life, I was mainly using my computer for entertainment and gaming purposes, however, my leisure pursuit soon transitioned to my exploration of game modifications and involvement in a variety of communities. To differ from others online I learned photo editing on my own. To acknowledge my newly learned skill I used to open graphics shops online.

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Additionally, just a year ago I picked up video editing as a hobby of mine which I have applied in a variety of school projects and shot a few videos with my friends. I have also been maintaining a YouTube channel where I upload my editing videos for feedback.Not to mention I am currently taking part in a military simulation game that has developed its infrastructure to mimic the real-life US military. While the idea might sound weird I am a part of the Senior Command and in this international community I enhanced my English language capabilities more than I did at school.

Also, since a lot of work is based on forums and Google Sheets I have learned a mixture of HTML, BBCode, and CSS as well as Google Apps Script and Excel VBA for the past year.My initiative to study and learn new skills on my own played a big role in me becoming a part of my family business maintenance. To assist my parents financially I have taken upon myself a variety of tasks such as website management, Facebook page administration, product photography, graphics work including logo creation, advertisement posters creation as well as active involvement in fairs and conventions which has also provided me with experience in the retail work. The latter has given me the opportunity to break out of my comfort zone and allowed me to understand that I love communicating with customers.My other interests include drawing and playing guitar and I also spend a lot of time with my dog whom I train.

Since first grade, I started playing chess and checkers. I participated in various national and international competitions and earned quite a few awards and diplomas.In my path, I leave a trail of merit and preeminence, hard work and reliability that many strive to achieve. I consider myself to be one of the strongest applicants for this course due to my determination and capability to learn a variety of new skills. I am looking forward to experiencing many challenges in university and I hope that my chosen course will prepare me for my future in today’s market.Yours faithfully,Karolina Pangonyte



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