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Deception is an action that has harsh consequences. The action destroys honesty and leaves the people surrounding us hurt. In Frankenstein, Victor thought that he was doing some good when he created the monster in his laboratory. Victor created his monster for the betterment of humankind. It seems like he created the monster out of foolish pride or from a desire by God. However, the monster just lead to a disagreement and a family was left hurt.
Victor Frankenstein seems like a caring person; on the other hand he is the real monster himself. The actions that he took created a more victim feeling for himself. “I avoided explanation and maintained a continual silence concreting the wretch I had created,” Victor feels that his monster is a secret burden that cannot be relieved. The monster is a secret burden because no one knows that he created the monster when he was in college. Victor was not entirely responsible for his brother William death. Since, Victor created the monster and the monster was the murderer of William, so that makes Victor the real person responsible for William’s death. The traits of Victor are daring, challenging, and intelligent. Victor questions nature and everything that surrounds himself. However, one of Victor’s traits is intelligent, it was his desire that drove him to devastation.
Victor wants to feel that he is able to create life and by creating the monster it is proven. Although, he creates the monster, he is horrified by the creation and leaves the monster with a feeling of abandonment. The novel allusions this event to Adam sorrowful his fallen condition. The monster could have killed Victor’s brother, William, in a spite of revenge for leaving him alone. “I always came from my studies discontented and unsatisfied,” this explains the secret of knowledge that prompts Victor’s desire to be extensive on the secret of life.

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