Definition: Micro StuffIt Deluxe, 7-Zip. · .Sit MAC:

Definition: –

Compression Program is a software program that is used to compress or
decompress files. Most often such a software program is used to compress files
of various formats that are no longer being actively used and reduce their size
so that they take up about 40 percent less space on hard disk. However, a file
compression utility is used in many other situations, for example where large
sized files of one particular format need to be compressed. Here it can be used
when thousands of files of one format are created on a daily basis and these
need to be compressed. For instance, when image files are created as part of a
scanning process, such a software program can be used to convert these normally
large sized files into much smaller ones. This can result in a large amount of
disc space being saved as such files can quickly overwhelm servers, especially
when a scanning process is continuous and files are created daily.

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A) Compression programs that are associated with following file
extensions: –


MAC: –

Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe, The Unarchiver, Apple Archive
Utility, Incredible Bee Archiver.

Windows: –

WinRAR, Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe, 7-Zip.



MAC: –

             Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe,
Incredible Bee Archiver, The Unarchiver.

Windows: –


                          Smith Micro Stuffit
Deluxe, Extract Now.




MAC: –

             Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe,
Incredible Bee Archiver, The Unarchiver.

Windows: –

                          Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe.



MAC: –

             Parallels Desktop for MAC with
Microsoft Windows, VMware fusion with Microsoft Windows installed, Oracle VM
virtual Box with Microsoft Windows installed.

Windows: –

                          Smith Micro StuffIt


B) Extensions which represent a self-extracting format




C) Extensions associated when we use Windows or MAC

“.sitx”, “.zip” are all three associated with both Windows and MAC OS. But
“.exe” is not executable on MAC OS. There must be Windows OS inside MAC OS to
run “.exe” extension files.


D) Comparison of Compression program  

are two different formats. Both use LZ77, which replaces duplicate strings with
pointers to the previous occurrence. However, RAR usually compresses better (at
the cost of more memory) by using a larger sliding window so it is able to
point to older references.


difference is that ZIP is an open format but RAR is proprietary. ZIP
compressors are free and open source. The RAR decompressor (unrar) is free, but
the compressor is not.

E) Summary

                        From this we learned about
compression programs and different types of file extensions. File compression reduces the amount
of space needed to store data. Using compressed files can free up valuable
space on a hard drive, or a web server. Some files, like word files, can be
compressed to 90 percent of their original size. Other files, like JPEG or MP3
files, cannot be compressed further since these types of files are already




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