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Departmentwants to measure the balance between employees’ satisfaction and environmentsof organization. The reward program serve as the most possible factor inkeeping employee self’s motivation and commitment. Ciscel (1974) shows,majority of the department want their employees to work according to setup,also job requirement compete with full range. The investigation that carriedout to find the comparison between rewards and individuals, they observe toincrease the abilities of employees. Wilson (1984), the process ofadministration is one among the basic component of reward environment.

Entwistle(1987), if an employee performs extra ordinary; it leads to organizationalenvironment and as a result of motivational component of employees lie in theirperformance. Hartman et al, (1994), a well discipline reward system must changeenvironment that participate to obvious define aims, the challenge indeveloping such a program lies in determining what reward are effective agent of change, what behavior can be changedand the cost and advantages of eliciting change. Lawler(2003), that helpful and status of the organization is determined through thehuman resources how they are worked. Most of departments achieve the exemplaryprogress by fully agree with their business methods and a well reward system foremployees. This reward system only a tool for satisfaction for employees bywhich their emotion for job increased.

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In spite of it is not happen straightforward to motivate other, it is nevertheless necessary to know how to affector control others are motivate to do. With over all aim of having employeesidentify their own welfare with that of the organization (Bruce and Pepitone,1999). In the experience of a recognized employee to be recognized formallygave me extra motivation and made me wonder what I could do to keep themomentum going (Gyurcik & Brawley, 2000).

According to Andrew (2004),commitment and satisfactions of all employees is totally based on reward andrecognition. Reward is basically primary motive of all employees, in our policedepartment mostly motivated officer do their best in all situation this is onlydue to reward which given. A best reward system may have three components:immediate, short-term and long term. These shows immediate awareness of a goodperformance, short-term for performance could be offered monthly or quarterlyand long-term reward are given for showing hard worker over the years(Schoeffler, 2005). Reward system should focus on these major areas; compensation,benefits, recognition and appreciation (Sarvadi, 2010). Kanfer et al. (2012)describe motivation in the work environment sense as a process which is used todetermine a people behavior, and which actions they will use to attain adesired result. This psychology show that if a person do a work or task and atthe end he will achieve the goal, all those action, procedure and steps whichare used in work fulfillment are the motivation for person.

These actions showthat how many motivations have in person. This thing also show satisfactionlevel of person, vice versa if he do thing shortly and just want to do work, donot show interest in work then his  actionshow that he is not motivated, he work only for job  benefits. Adams (1965) betel, equity theory asthe perception of how you are observed compared to others and in gist you willbe more encourages and motivated if you are treated on merit. This is mostdifficult factor in our department of police, fairly treating is impossiblebecause every person has its own interests. But many of officers has skill tohandle all situation, give reward and punishment on merit base, due to whichpeople do every task proper and fully motivated. If equity and merit baseduties performed in department then many bad thing among persons removed likejealousy, biasness and curiosity. According to Kealesitse et al (2013)performance based pay aligned with a broader performance assessment canfacilitate better customer focused performance metrics as well as otherorganizational objectives within a public sector environment.

Performance base pay(reward) is good thing but in our department it is impossible because there areno criteria to measure performance. So performance based pay is difficult, somepeople work  in office and some in fieldtheir comparison is too much difficult by which you cannot measure performanceeasily. Reward can be used to satisfy behavior by setting in relation to thework tasked e.g. achieve some market targets. When the employee complete theirgoals, then they should be rewarded with some extra pay or incentive; theywants to struggle more to achieve more (Maund, 2010).

Research shows that whenpeople are fully recognized and clap they frequently behave to improve theirpersonality to full more targets. This is another way an organization can applyas a reward so as to improve performance. The best method of motivation isPraise which should be shown in the organization newsletter or in meeting.

Whenmanagers motivate and satisfy employees who have performed well, it plays a bigrole in enhancing employees’ performance (Torrington & Hall, 2006). Humanresource is the most valuable asset of every organization. In the age ofglobalization, the work place realities of previous years no longer exist. Thechange has been observed on the work place realities in today’s organization.It is necessary to revise carefully as well as meet and introduce newmotivational tools to enhance employee motivation if we want these resources toretain and give their best. Reward system is considered one of the importantfactors that increase job satisfaction among employee.

It is because rewardsystem fulfills employee’s need which increases the interaction between theemployee and the organization. Reward system is one of the most significantissues of the human resources management. Throughout the literature, it isobvious that theorists and academics, as well as practitioner and mangeremphasize the important factor of reward. In many organization on basis ofbiasness under or over reward is given to employee, which causes problem andemployee satisfaction disturbed. Two Factor Theory views both under and overreward disturbed the satisfaction level of employees. While the under-rewardcauses feeling of unfair treatment, over reward leads to feeling of guilt anddiscomfort (Edward, 1973). Robbins and Jude (2013) described job satisfactionas positive feeling about a job, resulting from an evolution of itscharacteristics. A person with maximum job satisfaction makes positive attitudeabout job.

If a person does not work well and demotivate from his job then negativefeeling arises and he or she put bad pressure on others employees. Opkara(2002) clearly expressed that factor such as pay, the work itself, supervision;relationships with co-worker, these things will make employees to satisfy fromjob. Job satisfaction is process as how people express their feeling about workand different branches of their jobs (Hedge and Borman, 2012).Myresearch is all about the police personals lives who sacrifice even his allefforts for betterment of country. I discuss hurdles of environment during theywork, their reward system which is not suitable for good performance employees.Police person has a lot of problems during his duty like holidays.

There is noweekend or leaves for police department they work all the day even whole year.Another major problem is political environment which use police department forown works and desires. They disturbed the police personals lowest to high ranksbecause they want police work for them not for public. Environment of seniorand junior also make differences between police people; they hate each other toomuch because of communications gap. Senior has no interest to check out thereal problem of junior, they just ask him go and do duty on time. These thingseffects badly psychology of police persons, they just want to do duty.

Due tothese factors family, general public and colleague of police persons effectedbadly. Many other problems like transportation, posting, medical, physical andentertainment does not full fill in this department, less pay is also a bigproblem. I will discuss all problems and facilities for police personals.

Infacilities police has power to overcome bad things like traffic problems, lawand order situation, terrorism and personal advantages like differentincentives, brave, and family satisfy from job.Themain thing in this department is system policies which are implemented over 100year ago, English government make police department and his policies. Theseprocedure and policies run even in today environment, when world is globalvillage. Policies of every department is changed, they make new useful rightand duties.

But police department policies are old which disturbed wholedepartment. System of reward is not competing with employee’s efforts, theywork more but reward is too low. Most of police persons are sick and sufferfrom harmful diseases, only due to department pressure. I will give scenarioabout this department, and try best to show impact of reward on police personsatisfaction.


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