Describing have many goals I want to

Describing your educational and career goals. Please include any financial hardship, academic achievement or other information you feel is important.

I have many goals I want to accomplish in my life. My educational goals consist of successfully graduating from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with emphasis in secondary teaching. My career goal is to become a high school teacher. Being a teacher has been a dream goal of mine since I was little. I have always possessed a strong desire to help people. From the experience that I have gained throughout my high school. I have come to realize that I strongly believe in myself that I want to become a teacher in reality. Summer of 2016 ,I have had the opportunity to work as a student-intern with T-Call & Voyage (Language Enrichment Camps) where I worked with middle school and high school ESL student in Dallas Independent School District. and during my junior year I have taken a leadership class called “PAL” where we work with ESL children at McShan Elementary School. I go twice each week to help kids who struggle with reading and writing. Seeing them pronounce new words and watching them learn to read while I sometimes translate is a heart-warming reward. At the end of last year, I could see progress from the beginning. The students could read much better and understood almost every single word from their stories. The feeling that I was in a small way impacting their education made me know I have chosen the right career path. Making my dream of becoming a teacher is a goal I am capable of achieving. I take responsibility, am patient, love creativity, and continue developing good communication skills. All of these will be essential to my career.  I plan to major in a mathematics secondary teaching program because I love how math, logic, and reasoning are behind everything we do. I want to teach students the serious thought process of working through formulas and show them how it affects our everyday world. After finishing college, I want to work as a high school teacher while earning my master’s degree, then expand my experience and skills by teaching overseas.
I feel my greatest contribution to the field of education would be my devotion to the complex skill of language and my regard for its difficulty and importance, the primary focus of this educational and career path.

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I migrated from Malaysia to the United States in August 2014. I enrolled in high school as a freshman and was placed into the ESL program. Although I found myself in a new complex world with a challenging language I had learn from basic. I didn’t give up any obstacles that has face me. Since then, my goals have been entirely focused on school: learning the English Language, participating in extracurricular activities, and doing my best in every class. One of my greatest achievement is being a member of Rising Leader, through out rising leader community service club, I had opportunity to volunteer at various organizations Like Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Life, North Texas Food Bank, Buckner Shoes for Orphans, and Feed my starving Children. It allowed me to become an active member of society and provide opportunities to come into contact with people and situations that I never would have thought existed.

As a student from a low-income family, financing higher education is my biggest concern. Since my parents didn’t speak English, it is really hard for them to get good paying job. My father work at another state where Burmese people open a store. My mother has been providing for the family needed by working many hours at Cell-phone factory. They do not have enough saving to help for my college education. So, I must fund my educational expenses alone. In order to lessen the financial burden that my family faces, I plan to fund my education through fund saved, part time work and Scholarship. I am working so hard to achieve by applying every scholarship. I am eligible for. Receiving scholarship is the biggest hope of mine to continue my education. As a first person in my family to attend college, I must work hard no matter how hard to reach my goals and fulfill a dream for my parents.
I believe education is the key to success, and I try to connect my passion for education with my desire of helping others
I am very excited about my future and feel that with the opportunity your scholarship will provide, I can help many student to .

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