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Last updated: May 27, 2019

Designer cuff links are everywhere.

Gucci has it, Burberry has it, and even Armani has it. Designer cuff links are sprouting like mushrooms these days and we can’t blame anyone but the modern men who are buying it. But why not, these designer cuff links are not just eye candy; many of them are even functional.Have you heard of designer cuff links with watch design? These types of designer cuff links are real. Yes, they are real watches, functional, only that they are as small as any other designer cuff links.

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  Watch designer cuff links tells the time to busy and accomplished modern man.   The design may either be of that of a modern watch or a vintage one. This set of designer cuff links are best to wear on a board or special meeting to impress upon your colleagues or clients, of course in a subtle way, that you are punctual and value not just your time but their time also.There is this pair of designer cuff links that can tell where is North and where is East.

These designer cuff links will suit best an outgoing man, a traveler, or even a mountain trekker. It appeals to the male gender of all ages since the design speaks of adventure.Design of designer cuff links are limitless, you may go plain in gold or in sterling silver, with none or lots of ornaments, and insignia or simply a frost. What is good with designer cuff links is you can dictate of the design that you like with the aid of a very artistic and talented designer.Women have not been left behind with the growing fashion of designer cuff links. There are also cuff links designed for women. A plain gold or sterling silver designer cuff links may be accented with Tiffany diamonds or semi-precious or precious stones or gems.

Designer cuff links are usually worn on special occasions, when there is a need for men to wear a suit or a black tie. On special occasions such as a wedding, anniversaries, evening party or a cocktail party, you can expect the man next to you to be wearing a pair of designer cuff links.The simple designs and minimalist styles of these designer cuff links make them the right candidate for ‘cuff links for work.’ They are not over styled nor under styled; they are simple yet trendy that a man may not be ashamed to be on a cuff link on a daily basis without being teased as being in a too formal wear.But these designer cuff links are quite expensive. It may be a bit impractical to wear them on a daily basis. You can replace designer cuff links with personalized cuff links available on the net or at your local accessories shops. You can ask them to make you a pair of cuff links that suit your tastes best.

If you want a pair of formal looking but cheap cuff links, buy a pair of electroplated cuff links. The gold electroplating wears off from months of usage. At least, you don’t have to spend much for a designer made cuff links. In fact, in your local department store, you can see cuff links that resemble designer cuff links.


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