Did weather changes suddenly it makes a storm

Did you know that by solving climate change we can have a safer future?. Climate changes is a change in the usual weather found in place such us how much the rain in a place usually gets in a year and the changes of the weather so drastically. It affects the environment of the world (Sandra, 2017). Also, climate changes can trigger Natural Disaster that can cause a lot of deaths (National academic, 1991). By doing that we can save so much life forms and also save our planet itself. We all know that natural disaster was dangerous and it takes thousands of lives and the one that triggered it was Climate changes. Climate changes make the weather easier to change but also make a disaster, for example, was Tornado, flood and many more. (Urman & Brian, 2018) When the day always raining it’s because the heat was really intense and with the unpredictable weather changes may trigger one of the natural disasters one of that was the flood. Not only that when the temperature and weather changes suddenly it makes a storm or even worst tornado. It all happens because climate changes not only that it also makes poverty. Why ? because when disaster comes it makes some country or people lose something or even died for some case such as lose something it can make people poor and increase the percentage of poverty. It also affect the environment of the land it makes a bad environment. By reducing or even prevent the effect of natural disaster we can have a safer future but we know will not happen because the root of the problem was climate changes. Everyone around the world wants to have a safer future That’s why we need to mitigating climate change to prevent or reduce the effect of the natural disaster.
Based on the data the 3 biggest natural disaster that always happens or frequently happens is flooded, storm, earthquake (OFDA/CRED, 2008). The two of the biggest was happening because the climate changes are the flood and storm. Only for the flood and the storm itself was really dangerous every time the flood disaster come it can kill 109.84 people for the storm itself is for 411.87 with that kind of killed people you can suggest the two of the biggest disaster that always happens was dangerous (OFDA/CRED, 2008). Another natural disaster that was dangerous was heat and fires because of the overheat temperature make many forests burn or get fires. And it can cause at least $306 Billion for combination Flood, Strom, Heat, Fires (Umair & Brian, 2018). And all of that caused by climate changes for us to have a safer future must mitigating the climate changes is the key.
How can we mitigating climate change ? through education. With education, we can do more research on climate change and we can try to reduce the impact or even we can mitigate it. Why i choose education have a big support for mitigating climate changes because with we learn how the climate changes happen and cause we can predict what will happen next and sure it will reduce the impact of the climate changes itself not only that we can also mitigate it by creating some high technology in the future to encounter climate changes. Based on the reset of IRGEE (International Research In Geographical and Environmental Education) said that the challenge is to put forward was for more research on climate change with the program that they have been created the names is CCE (climate change education) that must be mandatory int he school. And also the CCE itself must provide children with the capability of engaging in climate change discourse. By doing that everyone will have the knowledge about the climate changes and by knowing the causes the reason why the climate changes happen we can reduce the effect even we can prevent from happening. (Lambert & Hopkin, 2014)
But not all natural disaster was created by Climate changes, for example, was an earthquake, eruption, and many more. So it’s pointless for us to solve climate changes because it’s not the main point to have a safer future by just solving the climate. Even when we try using education as the road to solve the climate changes its pointless because there was no action in it so it was pointless. The public’s don’t have the ability to observe and remember the impact of climate change. People only will remember weather anomalies of recent days. But gradual or moderate changes in weather patterns will go unnoticed (Ungar, 1992). So it was pointless to solve climate changes using education.
Based on the reality with 50% of the country in this world many of them like Africa, and many more have a bad climate changes because of that the country was hard to be evolved to become a modern country because they encountered so many problems and all the problem that was caused by climate changes (Dr. J Lehman, 2010). So it can affect any kind of life aspect one of them was economic and many more. So for that climate changes can solve another problem it already proven by Wolfgang Jamann, CEO of care international. He does some research and found that with us solving the climate change it was the key to a safer future even we can improve our skill to beyond now so it’s not just for a safer future but also there was another benefit. (Wolfgang, 2017) So climate changes had a bigger effect for the safer future it’s not about climate changes only the right impact for the safer future but climate change have a massive effect for one option to have a safer future.
Also about how the public unnoticed we can make it noticed by start with a simple thing for example by using CCE (Climate Change Education) program that must be mandatory in every school so everyone will have the knowledge from when they still young. By giving them the awareness, perceptions, attitudes, and behavior we can put deep inside in their daily life how to reduce or even prevent a climate change. By making them a habit for the student it can make our lives free from anything especially for the one they try to make it free from climate changes.” Habits are freeing and energizing and really powerful emotions. If there’s something you want to do consistently in your life it will make us have our self-control in making a decision or do something without our intention to do it.” (Gretchen Rubin, 2015) by using that RGEE can make everyone have the habit to prevent climate changes.
There was also not right for us to appoint climate changes is the only big factors that can make us have a dangerous future. We have another than that problem one of them was poverty and anything else. And it was not right to appoint climate change can be solved by using education because it never been a try or it never makes some big change for the climate changes itself.
Well, that was not right because based on the research from (Dr. J Lehman, 2010) said that climate change can’t be ignored because it can make a big impact on us. One of the big impacts from climate change was the natural disaster from National Academy Press Washington D.C. 1991 because it can take one thousand life or so many life from disaster. By solving the climate changes it can reduce the effect so people can have a safer life for the rest of their life. The second big impact was poverty just as like Dr.Jan Lehman research that many countries that have bad climate changes make the country have a dangerous disease, bad economy, and also a bad environment because of that its effect the economy of the country. So by solving climate change, we can solve the poverty or other problems.
Based on the data that was already 119 Countries around the world that have been applying the awareness and concern about climate change using education. And the researchers identified the factors that most influence climate change awareness and the risk perception was 90 percent of the world’s population so it already been spread around the world. (Anthony & Peter, 2015) How about the effect ?, we talk about the long-term effect because you can’t make it as soon as possible just like you flip of the table but it will need a long progress but along the way we can feel the effect, for example, a weather prediction for us to prevent the flood disaster or many more. That was some effect that already shows us how the weather change fastly because our lifestyle makes the world worst.
Usually, most of the people in the world already experience the same thing by their self, for example, some African man said that ” we have many resources in our country/ land but because of the weather and the climate changes that make us have a bad environment for growth to be a modern city”.(BBC, 2017) He said that because he experiences the dangerous thing that been caused by climate changes such as natural disaster, dangerous diseases, poverty and many more. The fact that most of the country or region that have a bad condition because of climate changes cant’s ensure their safer future so that was true that with we try to solve climate change through education implementation we can have a better future for our self and also for the community.
So that was a little bit of truth that climate change is not the only big factor to have a safer future but also we have another big factor and also by doing education it was some sort of pointless thing to do. But based on the fact above the biggest problem for us to have a safer future was climate changes with us solving that problem we can solve another problem. And also we mitigating climate changes through education because it can make a great way to us to solving these problems by implementing the knowledge to the student to make their lifestyle safer fully and also can reduce the effect of the climate changes itself without they mention it through their own habit. Because of that mitigating climate change with education, it’s not pointless it just needs more improvement and more waiting because it was a long-term of changes.
That’s why I suggest the government of the city around the world must implement the knowledge about climate changes itself to make the people have the awareness, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors toward climate change. Through daily life by using the school as the mediator for implementing the knowledge and lifestyle to the habit of the student. To reduce the effect of climate change or even to prevent it so the people around the world and also us have the right to have a safer future.
For the ending let us joined and support the CCE Program around the world to spread the awareness of the climate change itself. “We have a single mission here, to hand on the planet to the next generation with a good condition and a safer future through the education about mitigating climate changes.” Don’t let our self and our future generation can’t ensure about the safer future.

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