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difficult daughters sketch the enlightens of Kapur’s mom towards life. She acquaints about the illicit romance in an educational institution. she additionally conceals the part up of India. the student virmati withstands hurdles to a great extent. she was offended by the society for bearing married man`s child. she resided in with bizarre feelings. an educator harish is a self-seeking man. he is upset by an uneducated wife. he dodged her. he tries to get hold of a soothing consort virmati. At the instance of pursuing wisdom she is in love. she likes her educator. the protagonist is affronted in her life by the illegal love affair. she struck in the midst of family lifestyle and dreams. she opts not in favour of her customs she was failed to acknowledge by both of families. she felt insignificant in the world. she faces too many disregards. when she got a girl baby Ida her family accepted her. she lived in tranquility with harish. it won commonwealth writers prize eurasia in 1998. she brings two similar frameworks in this novel. the protagonist grabbles in accomplishing her fantasies. she challenges taboos. india strives to attain their liberty. in the end two attains their desire by losing them.

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