Discoveries son in the Vietnam War has

Discoveries are processes that allow different ways of thinking. Accordingly, discoveries which allow individuals to stimulate new ideas and possibilities about the future, are those that may enable upmost enlightenment. This is clearly reinforced in Michael Gow’s “Away” where immigrants Harry and Vic love their country but are faced with their son Tom’s terminal illness. Coral has to accept the fact her son passed away in the Vietnam War. Corals development in the play is signified by her role in the play ‘I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking, and I’m walking” The repetition Demonstrates that coral can finally walk forward and think about her future possibilities and after life, also a process of transformation is occurring. The passing of her only son in the Vietnam War has caused an emotional breakdown and disconnection to those around her. At times we she is capable of little more than “Sitting there in the dark wiping away tears” As an audience we see Her level of emotional fragility is made clear in the third scene when she tells Roy “I’m not ignoring them. I can’t think of anything to say” The physical and physiological toll of being so debilitated by grief is evident to everyone who meets her. As she took a while to accept his death. At times, Roy is bombastic and pompous while he too has lost a son, he cannot comprehend her depressive state and withdrawal from this world, and others question, “How much longer before he has to lock the poor ratbag up?” His manner seems utterly insensitive but we do not realise he is also near braking point. Gwen is married to Jim and is Megs mother, her family is better off than most families and she is not afraid to show it, as she is quite a snob. The relationship between Meg and Gwen is quite strained during the play. Gwen is displayed as a very up light and stressed person, while Meg is in her late teens and has her own idea about things, she is also open minded and smart young girl. During act, three Gwen and Meg begin to argue over Jims missing Christmas presents for everyone. “One of those cartons you bring home from the market, I kept it from going out in the garbage,” The imagery conveys the idea of how Jim hid the Christmas presents from her but she did not even care. She deliberately leaving the gift box behind her exhibits her pessimistic view of life. Therefore, Discoveries stimulate new ideas and enable individuals to speculate about future possibilities.

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