Discussion which is logical for us to


Aquinas cosmological argument says that nothing can move itself. If every object in motion had a
mover, then the first object in motion needed a mover. Movement cannot go on
for infinity and that the first mover is the unmoved mover, called God. In other words, all
physical laws and the order of nature and life were designed and ordered by
God, the intelligent designer.

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Arguments in support:

The cosmological argument has several strengths, such as:

1.       It provides a simple explanation which is
logical for us to accept that God is the creator of the universe. This is the
simplest explanation and, by rejecting this idea would mean we have to come up
with a much more complicated explanation.


2.       It is a centuries-old argument
supported by many philosophers.


3.       There are no physical laws which
can provide a causal explanation of the origin of the universe. For those who
believe in the cosmological argument, the fact that people can basically gather
information about the universe through their senses is proof that the universe


4.       Logic states that
things don’t cause themselves to exists; something or someone should bring them
into existence. So, since the universe exists, it’s only logical to assume that
someone had caused it to exist.

Saying the universe has always existed is not a sufficient reason
to explain the universes existence. This is supported by ‘the big bang theory’
created by scientists, which states that the universe was formed by an
explosion leading to the conclusion that there must have been an initial cause
for this to happen. There must therefore be an uncaused first cause which
supports Aquinas theory as being God. The big bang also suggests that the
universe is not infinite, that the universe is in motion and there must have
been something to move it, therefore, nothing can move for ever and at some
point the universe must stop.

Finally, another
strength of the cosmological argument  is that as we are constantly adding
events to time, time cannot be infinite as you cannot add to infinity. This is
supported by the argument as time must have been caused by a causer. Time was
caused by a force of something and that force cannot go on for infinite. You
cannot add on to something that is already moving as it will eventually stop

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