Distinctively visual images are used

Distinctively visual images are used by composers to visualised and envision something outstanding that draws in the audience, enabling one to take on the struggles and challenges, and come to acknowledge the values that other characters embrace which will embed a deeper understanding in order to explore particular ideas. This idea is demonstrated within Henry Lawson’s short stories ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘The Bush Undertaker’. Henry Lawson, an Australian writer who expressed the experiences of the outback, the psychological impacts of isolation and loneliness and also the hardships that the bush presents towards woman.
Lawson explores through distinctive images of the psychological impacts of isolation and loneliness on the human psyche. This is shown in ‘The Bush Undertaker’ where Lawson conveys the Australian bush as a place of dread, the landscape takes on haunting quality and the life of loneliness and isolation is presented as enough to drive a person to madness.
Lawson confronts his readers with the harsh realities of life in the Australian outback, whilst also forcing them to reconsider their perception of the role of women. In “The Drover’s Wife”, Lawson evidently communicates and acknowledges the theme of isolation, monotony and the constant hardships of Australian women living in the bush. Throughout the story, Lawson conveys the drover’s wife struggles and her suffering which shaped her identity. Lawson creates a distinctive image of the bush as iso

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