Distributer are used by the other Tobacco

Distributer Problem

A small problem in the Doffers
speed (same speed for all doffers) in the Distributer due to which 2-conveyors
wasted the energy. The problem will be solved very easily simply based on the
data, by changing the doffers speed only.

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Cylinder (CC) Problem

of Tobacco leaf in the outlet of CC, which will be solved by changing the
direction of narrow plates inside the CC.


Collection from the vibrator and uprising conveyor

is not the problem in any part of the apparatus, but the engineers did not pick
the best solution to collect the stem and an extra motor and uprising conveyor
is used the detail solution is given the methodology section.


of waste (Dust in Tobacco)

is the main problem in the PPD, due to which 47.25 Kg waste (Dust) is produced
form the 1050 Kg. Our suggestion for this, to reduce waste by using of Bail
slices (Most efficient) or vilkrostrips. These are used by the other Tobacco
Industries like PTC, PMI etc.


Production Rate and Poor Quality of Cigarette

is the Problem of PM5/TO6E (Filter Making Machine) a very expensive and only
one Machine in the Whole Industry and they locally import the parts for that
Machine due which the production as well as quality is degraded and also other
problems are arises, suggestion for the Khyber Tobacco industry is that the
PTC, and PMI never import local parts (Less accuracy, and precision) for such
an expensive Machine, that why they compete Globally due to the maximum
production and good  Quality and also
greater life time for Machine.


down Analysis of MK9-Machine

breakdown is inversely proportional to productivity. Breakdowns on critical
machines disrupt the desired productivity significantly.

Types of Problem were identified from the Data for five days, when the data was
plotted on the Pi-chart. Pi-chart also shows the percentage of run/stop time
for production and Failure (no Production). The Major Issues (due to which the
machine has zero production/ stopped) identified from the Pi-chart is given

Tray Shortage and

RBO (Cigarette Rod Breakout)







suggestion to resolve this problem is given based on the mathematics and
technicality according to the data provided from (KTC Engineer), explained with
detail in the methodology section.

implementing the suggestions given for particular department/Machine without
too much investment means either they will invest very less amount or without
investment they will achieve their desired target but it’s totally depends on
the technical staff that they have work for money or they favor with whom they
are working, we must say based on our results the Muda will be reduced and
efficiency will be increased and also these are the ways to compete with best
industries like PTC (Pakistan Tobacco Company), PMI (Philip Morris
International) etc. One of Our Gikian friend Engineer in PTC also told us that
PTC always focused more on the small level changes within the limits of their
budget, but the cycle is continuous for the small level improvement and that is
the reason that they provide good quality product and services which leads to
the customer’s satisfaction.


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