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Divorce Rate in America Nicole L. Whitsey ENG112 Mrs. Julie Pal-Agrawal July 30, 2011 In the article “Divorce in Rate America” the Author gives the rates of first, second and third time divorcees. The author states that the frequently reported divorce rate of 50% is incorrect.

Although it is close, unfortunately the rate is higher than what is actually reported. In this article the author notes a projected trend that “40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if the current trend continues” (The Daily Seven- Divorce Rate in America – 2010).I do not agree with the authors reasoning as to why divorces occur. I’m not one that believes divorce fixes problems. I believe it only temporarily rids problems that surface in the future. Many believe individuals lack the commitments, responsibilities, morals, ethics and values that are needed to maintain a healthy relationship but I believe counseling and encouragement from one another can correct this problem. In this article the author brings to the reader’s attention that the childless divorce rate is higher than the divorce rate for people with children.

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It is reported that at least 66% of all divorced couples are childless. While this may be true, what is this telling the childless couples who are headed for divorce? I do not agree that bringing a child into the equation will change the problems at hand. For the same reason many couples start off having minor problems and those problems go unresolved.

They get married and the problems are still present which soon result in divorce. Also stated by the author is that the divorce rate in America for the first time marriage vs. econd or third is at a growing rate.

The author includes a snippet from the Enrichment Journal that states “ the divorce rate for 1st time marriages is 41%, 2nd time marriages is 60% & for 3rd time marriages 73%”. Granted that divorce seems to be deemed as the cure-all for failing marriages, it is this fallacy that destroys lives, and cripples society. Moreover I believe one or both divorcees take or develop the same problems to the next relationship which is a formula for another divorce which in return increases the growing rates.So many couples seek divorce before trying to seek help to prevent the divorce. The trend of divorce is ubiquitous & I do not agree with the idea of divorce until all avenues have been exalted, such as individual/couples counseling to bring a different approach to handling the problems the couple may be experiencing. The author also makes reference that divorced couples with children often set a pattern for their children to grow up and become divorcees like their parents.I personally have never been married but I have been with the same guy for 11 years- somewhat married. I come from a broken home and with that being said it just makes me stronger wanting to show my children & family that you are not always what you come from.

Although many of us can so easily become a product of our environment it is not the case for us all. As adults we can make the better choice for our futures. Divorce is not the cure – all and in most circumstances it can do more harm than good rather children are involved or not.This article focuses mainly on the divorce rate and how it is growing. I feel the author could have included in this article ideas and resources for couples to consider before making the decision to divorce. Reference Page Divorce Rate : Divorce Rate In America – The Daily Seven. (2011, July 30). The Daily Seven.

Retrieved July 30, 2011, from http://blog. relationshipresourcecenter. org/the-daily- seven/2010/06/divorce-rate-divorce-rate-in-america-1-marriage-counseling. html


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