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Last updated: May 17, 2019

Doyou ever wonder if men should be given paternal leave when their wives put tobed?After all, the transformation they also face is just asintense emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually.

Thetruth is that there are so many guys who get confused by entire process ofpregnancy. They end up tangled in between all of the actions without evenknowing what to do so they fearfully back off instead of stepping forward torender support. Nonetheless, as an expecting father, you should get moreinvolved in the pregnancy early enough, take care of your partner and be herpillar.Formany guys, responding appropriately to the news is a big issue, especially in asituation where you weren’t really ready to take on the responsibility ofraising a child. If we are going to be very honest, bring a child into theworld and raising it is one of the hardest things anyone could do but then…it isthe best of times and the worst of times. However, you shouldn’t respond in away that will make your partner feel less confident or insecure about herpregnancy. You should let her know that you are willing to be there for her allthrough the process.Whenexpecting a baby, men often worry about how the household income will beaffected by this big change.

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This worry and constant fear of not being able toprovide is what drives men to be at work more often than they are at home,neglecting their pregnant partners and leaving them to face the pregnancy allby themselves. However, as a man, you should be there for your partner nomatter how scary the finances look, encouraging and supporting her.Thetruth is that, for a man to survive his first pregnancy with his partner, heneeds all his wits in order to keep his relationship intact.Whichbring us to the question of what to dowhen expecting a new born?Feedyour partner constantly and ensure that she is consuming the right kinds ofnutrients her body needsGoto every single prenatal appointment with her. Sometimes, the earlier one getsinvolved in the pregnancy the easier it will be to connect with the child afterlabor. You have to show your partner that you are committed to being there forher.Readbaby books.

You have to equip yourself with knowledge about babies. You alsoshould be ready for a surprise delivery and what happens after the baby comesalong.Pamperyour partner, savor your time together and take her out every once in a whilebecause, frankly, this may be your last time out together as just the two ofyou.Talkabout birth plans, whether or not you both will be wanting more kids, thenumber of kids both of you expect to have and also the gaps in between. Alsotalk about the financial plans attached with these plans, because let’s faceit, raising children costs money.

Managingpregnancy is really tough, you might think that you’ll will always remember thenuances of pregnancy, but you won’t, and neither will she. So just calm downand breathe. Good luck and congratulations, you’re going to be a dad!


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