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Last updated: May 5, 2019

Bob Smith ENG 41. 11 You Have To Love Something to Say Something As an animal lover it makes me sick to my stomach to hear thousands of stories happening every year about cases of animal abuse and animal cruelty. I’m not Just talking about typical cat and dog cruelty cases, there are also animal abuse and mistreatment cases that many people do not know anything about. These type of people are oblivious of the reality of how evil human beings can actually be. Abused and mistreated animals that are out of our sight will in turn be out of our mind and eart.

We have no chance to be aware of abused animals and help them if we don’t hear about stories like these in the news. Animals are miraculous creatures that are being mistreated every day. Take orcas at SeaWorld for example. These highly- intelligent animals are taken from their natural environment where they are used to swimming 100 miles of beautiful ocean sea a day with their families and other orcas, and they are separated from their babies and put in the same pool with orcas from other areas and cultures in the world.

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This leads to acts of violence from one orca to another, as well as taxing their health and causing physical and psychological problems. These psychological problems can lead to the orcas acting-out by injuring and even killing people such as SeaWorld trainers. These types of acts however do not occur when the orcas are in their natural habitat to develop anthropologically well. The life expectancy for an orca in the wild is 70-100 years, while life expectancy for one at SeaWorld is 25-30 years.

Orcas social cohesion development exceeds humans!This is shown through their ability to form “pods” which are groups they form with other orcas that share similar characteristics. In these pods orcas can develop their own language that only others in their pod can understand. These pods represent an extension of self-reflection. Another characteristic orcas may exceed humans ability in is empathy. For example when one orca is sick or injured, other orcas will help hold them up near the surface so they can breathe, and if this injured orca swims to shore, the rest of the roup will follow.

What I’m trying to do through giving an in-depth example of the orcas is to touch a heart and make the observer feel different perspectives. By touching a heart, you can then touch someone’s mind, and make them think about what they can do to help and what they can do better. The various animals around the world of all shapes and sizes can teach humans a thing or two about how to be an empathetic and productive citizen to their society. Just like every lion for example, plays a part in sustaining a productive society for heir environment by hunting, taking care of young, etc.To put it into perspective, in Canada the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty is 2 years, while murder will get you 20 years to life in prison.

How can someone feel good about themselves when into the ring to fght a child. I’m not trying to say that animals and pets should be valued more than humans, I’m saying they should be treated equally. If someone is trying to hurt a human, at least the human can defend themselves, and will probably ave some understanding of why they are being attacked.

Animals understand to be compassionate to the unknown, while humans Judge whether something is dangerous by how they look. To summarize: For humans, their biggest enemy is their own mind and the decisions they make based around assumptions. While for animals, their biggest enemy is human minds. These human minds do not understand that Just because these animals are magnificent, awe-inspiring, and beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s theirs.


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