Do your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN);

Doyou have what it takes to become a neonatal nurse? Let’s walk look through someimportant steps and facts then we can ask ourselves that question again. Firststep one needs to take before becoming a neonatal nurse you must look into whatcolleges are right for you and which programs they offer. Choose a school with anaccredited nursing program and earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN);this will is very important as you will have to work your way up in nursing. Nextstep you have to take is ask yourself is working with babies the right job forme? It will not allows be easy and you will have to learn some skills thatbooks won’t be able to teach you. Abachelor’s degree builds on an associate level of coursework, which allows amore in-depth form of classes and a better focus on advanced skills andknowledge, according to

 Not all colleges havenursing programs, and not all programs except everyone. According to youwill take classes in pediatric nursing care (LO) this will help lead you in theright direction towards neonatal nursing. When you enter into a nursing programyou should graduate with knowledge, the experience, facts, and realization necessaryto pass the licensing exam.

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Some colleges have a higher exam rate than others,so lookout for this when choosing the school. Youhave to then work towards becoming a registered nurse. This is where you get alicense in the state that you are going to work in, (not live in). The NCLEX-RN (The National Council LicensureExamination) exam must be passed in order for one to become a registerednurse. After you have become a registered nurse you can now work as a neonatalnurse. Most neonatal nurses work in hospitals in the neonatal intensive care unit NICU; however, somedo work in clinics and other health care areas this depends on what area theychoose. After this you can earn your master’s degree while you are working as aneonatal nurse and move up in levels of nursing’s and pay. If you choose not togo for a higher degree right, away you can still choose to do it later onduring your career; sometimes this will not affect pay.

 There are online colleges that offer masterdegree programs. Online programs make it easier foe some people, because theycan still work while they continue to achieve a higher degree.Thesalary of a neonatal nurse will depend on a few factors, such as, theexperience, the place of employment, years on job, past employment areas, andtypes of degree(s).A neonatal nurse sometimes will order documents, record results of tests andreports for doctors and other staff in the work place. They can prescribemedications and make recommendations for other beneficial forms of care. Neonatalnurses require a Certified Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) in specialty areabased on RN licensure and state authority for advanced practice and mostrequire years of experience Certification and/or licensing in the position’s specialtyis the main requirement (swz.salary.

com). According to Swz.salary.

com Neonatal nurse salaryis $117,863,as of January 2018, with a range between $108,335 -$127,433. Thissalary ranges from the factors stated previously; a lot goes into the pay of a registerednurse and a neonatal nurse. Some states are higher in demand for neonatalnurses than other states. This is something that a person going into thisfield, or any field of study should look at. By knowing which areas have a highdemand, not only can a person look forward to having income, but a long termcareer. The top three states and their percentages for neonatal nursing is Virginia at 47 %, Kentucky at 35%,and Utah at 32% (learn.

org). According to the three top states withthe highest salary for neonatal nursing is one California at $157,000, twoHawaii at $107,000 and three Massachusetts at $94,000.  As with any careers, these numbers willchange according to many factors to do with the profession.What is a neonatal nurse?  a neonatal nurse is a secondary of nursing, its focal point is on given care tonewborn babies and families when the newborn’s health circumstances requiresmore support than normal term newborns or otherwise healthy newborns. Neonatalnurses work with newborns that have a range of problems. Some problems that theinfants have are birth defects, premature birth, surgical problems, drugrelated problems, and birth defects to name a few. Most infants will spend thefirst month or two in the NICU depending on the reason that they are there.

Theneonatal nurse will spend this time caring for the infant until they aredischarged home. In some rare cases the infants can be cared for up until theage of 24 months, during this time the neonatal nurses will still care for thebabies even though it is no longer concerned an infant, because it can stillhave the same problems. According to neonatal periodis known as the first month of life, neonatal nurses can care for most infantsfrom the birth until babies are discharged from the hospital to their families.

            Neonatal nurses will provide thesame care to babies that other nurse do to full term healthy babies. Yes,sometimes the babies will be healthy and even full term they will just need alittle help when they get on the outside. Not all cases are as serious as thenext one, but a neonatal nurse will always need to be prepared. The neonatalnurses will be there when the babies are being delivered.

They will weigh them,measure them, monitor them and even give them their first bathes. Mothers willget help with their babies from the neonatal nurses from breastfeeding, tubefeeding, bottle feeding, skin to skin, newborn care and so much more. Those aresome of the joys that come along with the dream career; however, with the goodcomes the bad. Someof the babies born today are faced with some of the worse problems and challenges,those will be the hardest days for a neonatal nurse. Days like these will testyour strength in areas that books will never teach you. Some babies are born addictedto drugs and or alcohol they need treatment, love, and care right away, others haveHIV (cfcn).

This job takes a team effect and the nurses to me need to be the gluethat holds each piece of that puzzle. The most popular place that a neonatalnurse works is in the NICU. They are also known as Neonatal Intensive CareNurses. Their primary focus is to care for premature and seriously ill newbornsin the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of any hospital (johnsonjohnson).These babies are born in need of urgent medical attention. You may have watcheda show or movie before and seen nurse rush off with a bay that was just born aftera car wreck, or an type of accident, these would have been neonatal nurses.

In theNICU they will connect the infant up to many monitors and machines to had them breatheand access the problems and get the infant on their way to getting better if possible.Skills of a neonatal nurse may includebut are not limited to the following examlpes,

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