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Does a brand of volleyball influence a player’s serve?  Many players have asked this question and have not found enough proof to back it up.  This paper will provide information on the history of volleyball, the creation of the official ball, and facts on different volleyball brands.  The Volleyball sport was created in 1985 by William G. Morgan.  The inventor wanted to create a game that used a ball and a net.  Unfortunately, at that time there were no balls that fit that idea.

 In the beginning, players used a basketball; however, the basketball’s heavy weight made the ball go slow in the air.  Morgan decided on a different idea instead.Morgan asked A.G. Spalding, and Brothers to make a new ball that would better fit the idea.  After several tries, they finally created the official volleyball.  At the beginning, the inside of the ball (bladder) was made of a material similar to a bicycle tire.  The second layer’s material looked like cheese and the outside layer was made of leather.

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 Spalding, who had done baseballs before, used the learned knowledge to create the new volleyball.  The end result was a smooth, soft, but not too heavy volleyball.Nowadays, volleyballs are made of a high quality leather.  The indoor volleyballs’ inner lining are glued which gives the smooth feel.  Most volleyball clubs, schools, and players use these leather volleyballs.  Players that are going to attack the ball would prefer a hard volleyball.

 However, the players receiving the ball would rather have a soft volleyball.  Not only, the material of a ball is important but also how physics may affect the game. To understand how physics plays a role in the game of volleyball and how is affected by the volleyball’s material, below is some research on Newton’s Law of Motion.  The First Law of Motion states that “an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon another force.”  Newton’s first law can alter when a player serves the ball over the net to the opponent’s side.  The player will serve the ball to the other side of the net so either the opponent will bump the ball or the serve will be an ace (which is when a player serves and none of the opponents receive it).

 Newton’s First Law of Motion also ties in with Newton’s Second Law of Motion because the ball is the object in motion that is forced by acting upon the server when the player serves the ball. Newton’s Second Law of Motion states that “the quickening of an object is directly equal to the net, external force acting upon an object and backwards relative to the mass of the object.”  Newton’s Second Law of Motion relates to the game when a player uses force to serve and hits the ball.  This hit corresponds on how far the ball will go.  The Second Law of Motion is relatable to the Third Law of Motion because the player uses force to get the ball over the net which causes the reaction. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for “every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Newton’s Third Law of motion has to do with the game when a player serves the ball from one side of the net, and the opponent’s receives and bumps the ball.

 The Third Law of Motion is when the player bumps the ball and because of gravity, the ball drops down. Gravity is the force of attraction between the object and the earth.  When a player hits a ball gravity forces the ball to go down in the direction that was hit in. When the player serves the ball over the net gravity is identified here when the player first throws the ball.  The volleyball does not stay up in the air the ball comes back down so that the player can serve it.  When the player serves the ball already has a downward force.  Depending on the weight and material of the ball, gravity will pull the balls down at different times.

 In this situation, gravity helps the server’s team to earn the point if the opponent didn’t receive the ball.  Similarly, understanding the different serving types will help in understanding which brand of volleyball is best for serving.The most popular serves are the underhand and overhand.  The underhand serve starts with the player holding the ball with the non-dominant hand and putting the dominant hand into a fist.  The player holds the ball below the waist, above the knees, and while bending the knees puts the ball over the net.

 Another serve is the overhand serve.  The serve starts with the player putting the left foot forward and the right foot backward.  The player puts the ball in the non-dominant hand and the dominant hand up and bended at a 45 degree angle.  The player then tosses the ball in front and puts the right foot in front of the left foot and finally hits the ball.

 The ball will go farther if you use different types of balls.  The lightest ball will go farther than the heaviest one.  Furthermore, speed also play an important role.  When the opponents get the ball each player needs speed to move around the court and not let it drop. A player uses speed when they want to move around the court to get to the player’s  spot or to get to the ball.

Since the volleyball’s weight is light, the speed allows to be regularly moved throughout the game.  In a volleyball game, the player needs enough force so that the ball will go over the net. In serving, if force is applied to the ball too much, then the ball will go out of bounce.  However, if the force is not enough, then the ball will not go over the net.

  The ball is light enough to stay in the air long enough so that the next player can receive the ball.  Velocity is important in a game to know how fast the ball will go and that it would stay within the limits of the court. Velocity is the speed of the object in a certain location.  An example of velocity is a jump serve.  The player throws the ball into the air, as the ball comes down to the player goes up in the air and hits the ball which gives a topspin over the net.  Another example of velocity is a regular serve.  During the serve the ball seems to dip down and allows the hitter to put more power into the hit.

 The type of serve has a higher velocity on the lower side of the ball, and a lower velocity on the top of the ball which creates the topspin. Now that the reader understands more about the history of volleyball, the advancements and creation of the balls over the years and how physics plays a big role in the game of volleyball, the next step is to test a couple of volleyballs.  This test will discover which brand of volleyball is best for serving.  All this information will be very important to volleyball players that are looking to buy a volleyball.

The balls used for this experiment is Molten, Spalding, and Wilson.  The first step in the experiment was to serve with all the balls twice in an indoor volleyball gym.  The second step was to record the distance each ball got after the second serve.  The Molten ball scored 45 ft and 54 ft; the Spalding ball got 49 ft and 52 ft; and the Wilson ball got 43 ft and 44 ft.

 The third step was to analyze the scores received.  The last step was to conclude which volleyball scored highest and therefore, the best for serving.  In conclusion, the final result showed that the Molten ball scored the highest in comparison to the Spalding ball and the Wilson ball.   This experiment showed that the best brand for serving is the Molten ball as the Molten ball was the one that traveled the furthest.  Thanks for reading this research paper about volleyball.URL URL: Title: VolleyballArticle Title: Speed, Velocity, and AccelerationDate Accessed: November 18, 2017Author: N/AURL: Title: VolleyCountryArticle Title: Volleyball ball | Everything You Need To Know About Volleyball BallsDate Published: August 26, 2017Date Accessed: November 18, 2017Author: N/AURL: Title: 4 Gravity and Work in VolleyballDate Accessed: November 18, 2017Author: N/AURL: Title: Volleyball!(:Article Title: Materials Volleyballs are Made ofDate Accessed: November 18, 2017Author: N/A   URL: Title: A Simple Guide To Volleyball – Home


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