does fashion drives society?

Does fashion drives society? First of all, fashion is a form of art. Most people express how they feel with how they dress.

For me it expresses our identity, culture and who we are as a person. But it also tears down the self-confidence of most girls. It may not be the fashion itself that’s harmful to society, but the unrealistic goals and stick thin models are what harms society. A studio says that 80% of women say that seeing models in magazines and commercials make them feel insecure about themselves.In my opinion, if more realistic girls were used than the industry could have a great impact on girls and ake the average women feel good about themselves too. Nowadays, there are many people that base so much importance on their appearance thanks to the media. Especially when it comes to choosing their friends or who to be nice to. For me it’s just a shame to see many people become so shallow and lose sight of what is important.

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One of the good things about fashion industry is that it contributes to the economy like making Jobs, but I cannot understand why fashion is the reason so many people are up to their neck in credit card debt.How many times do you go to a epartment store and not get asked by the cashier if you want a charge card for that pair of Jeans, they will let you pay more than that if you dont want to pay for it all right now. Fashion is a scam in consumer product because their products are never worth what you have to pay to be fashionable. I think fashion needs society and it is a review of society. Retaking the bad things that fashion produces, in other words, what industry of fashion produces, this industry makes people feel like they have to dress like the models and worst of all have to be the same size as the models.Children get shunned at school because of fashion and not wearing the top labels of clothing.

It is unfair to Judge on fashion but that is what we do most of the time. The fashion industry can be harmful to society, due to its unnatural display of weight requirements. In recent years, the alarming trend of fashion models’ unnatural weight requirements has directly affected our society, both as consumers and as individuals dealing with self-esteem issues that turn into dangerous health conditions. Teen and preteen girls are especially susceptible to the trends that the houses of fashion” determine are “in”.

I think the anorexia and the bulimia could be produced by the industry of fashion. Almost every modeling agency looks for women with the requisites such as the international size of 86-60-86, that we now approaching to 90-60-90. I think almost no one gets exactly this scandalous size, no one is perfect and fashion industry forgets this. A Brazilian modeling agency, Star Models, recently released a new series of anti-anorexia PSA advertisements. They illustrate one of the ways ultra-thin body ideals characterizing women’s bodies in the ashion industry today are institutionalized, or made part of the way we “do” fashion.

Fashion sketches ??” the way that people communicate designs to one another r??” idealize these bodies, with their exaggerated proportions, long slender limbs, and expressionless faces. The PSAs place real women alongside the sketches, graphically altered to similar proportions, in order to problematize the ideal. Another sign of fight against the anorexia is the advertisement of a famous fashion brand called Nolita where Isabelle Caro, a Italian actress and model, allowed her avaged body to be photographed nude to raise awareness about the disease, died when she was only 28.

Is the world of fashion a cause of the anorexia and bulimia in the young girls of today? If the fashion publicity and the television, in other words, all the media will use models with more weight would there be less cases of anorexia and bulimia in the teenagers? For example, the famous toy Barbie can induce to these psychological illnesses, because all little girls want to have a Barbie in her childhood, and this is a big problem, because they want to be a Barbie when they row up, have a perfect boy with six-pack and a beautiful face, and, of course, be like her, have a perfect body, be tall and pretty.It’s sold one every 2. 5 seconds. Was the first toy that it did not look like a baby, and having a Barbie was like having a version of yourself of how you will be in few years, to feel more adult.

The Barbie’s size is 91-46-94, according to the Helsinki University Central Hospital, Finland, with these measures, Barbie would not have enough subcutaneous fat and have missed the period, one of the diagnostic features of the anorexia. However, there are impossible easures: one in every 100,000 women has it.The database of the Women’s Studies International says that living with an eating disorder is something terrible, admissions for eating disorders have dramatically increased and they have found a close relationship between the frequency and intensity of diets made for perfect measures. The diffusion of Barbie is huge.

It has been estimated that 90 % of American girls between 3 and 10 years old have a Barbie and if you have one, you will usually have at least seven more.In 1971, Mattel, the company that is in charge of he factory, adjusted their molds and the new doll had more hips and less chest but it continued to take responsibility for the problems of Western diets of adolescents and addiction to plastic surgery a few years later . The pervasiveness of the new doll was associated with the worrying fgures eating disorders in the United States and all countries in their cultural environment. According to recent data, 2% of American girls develop anorexia at some point in their lives, 15% bulimia and 70 % think that they are fat.In 1961 the equipment of the “Barbie Kangaroo” came with a book ntitled “How to Lose Weight ” which included the following advice: “Do not eat In 1965, another accessory package called “Slumber Party” included the same book and a pink scale showed 50 kilos ( 110 pounds ) which would be 16 kilograms less than a person of your height should weigh( 1. 75 m). Against the scandalous size of the Barbie, another company calls High Self- Esteem Toy Corporation created specifically to produce the “Happy to be Me”, a doll with natural proportions and the normal size of 91-69-96.Yet, in spite of its lofty aspirations, the doll never caught on, isappearing from toy store shelves after a couple of years.

In addition to underestimating the cultural clout of Barbie dolls, High Self-Esteem focused its marketing pitch more on parents than children: “She’s a doll that both you and your child will love. ” Even the back of the package was covered with information for parents about the doll’s usefulness. Kids bought neither the message nor the doll. However, in 2009, the same year that marked the 50th anniversary of the Barbie doll, Dr. Worobey of Rutgers University conducted research on the relationship of Barbie and her own.

He found, after making a study on 254 women, neither age nor her first Barbie had many Barbies in his childhood and adolescence had a statistically significant impact in their own image or eating behavior. The most important factor in predicting eating behavior and obsession with a woman diets were his memories of how valued physical appearance his immediate family. In my opinion there are many toys that make us think that we want to be better than we are, and it is a problem, because it can make some psychological troubles and make us feel bad and have low self-confidence.In conclusion, fashion has positive and negative things. It can help us when we look at to the history in any country, we can see how fashion works and tells the value of that period.

It’s always an expression of society and life styles of the people, but I think that fashion isn’t the really problem, what really can harm society is the fashion business and the ideas that it provides and how they can control your mind. So, in conclusion, there’s a need to understand that fashion is a need for today to survive in the great competition where everyone is first Judged by ppearance and then by the intelligence.Bibliography: ww. businessinsider. com/three-decades-of-thin-how-the-fashion-business-promotes- http://www. dailymail. co.

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