Dr. Soon thousands of people were with him.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a great leader. He
inspired many people. He brought about changes
that are important to everyone in the United
States. In fact, he is known around the world. He
was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace
Prize. That is a prize given to a person who is
important to the world. It is a peace prize. He
wanted people to change things peacefully. He
thought that violence only led to more problems.
Dr. King used a way of changing things called
non-violent protest. He saw that people were not
treated fairly. He protested for civil rights. When
he led marches, people were angry. But he was
determined. Even though people shouted at him,
he kept marching.
People who had been afraid to protest before
were encouraged. They joined him. He was able
to give them confidence. Together they would
overcome. Soon thousands of people were with
him. He was changing America.
He organized boycotts. A boycott means that
people do not buy something or shop at a store
or use a service. The boycott he led was the
Montgomery Bus Boycott. Before that boycott in 1955, African Americans could not ride in the front of
buses. They had to sit or stand in the back even if there were seats in the front. Only whites could have
those front seats. It took months, but they won. They got the right to sit anywhere in the bus.
Dr. King influenced many people. He reached them with his books and speeches. He gave a very
inspiring speech in Washington, D.C. People call it his “I Have a Dream” speech. In it he told about what
he had seen, the changes that had happened, and what would happen in the future

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