Due best ballplayers are continually accomplishing something that

     Due to sport psychology Greg is suffering from anxiety. Greg is either
worrying too much, he’s nervous that he might mess up or he just don’t want to
blow the game with all the pressure on him. When suffering from anxiety, Greg
realizes that his performance want be as good if people hold him accountable. I
know how that feels because the spot light was on me once and I felt that I was
under a lot pressure.  As Greg’s coach I would
have Greg Devote himself to baseball. So as to exceed expectations at anything,
you need an energy for it. Invest energy watching baseball, perusing about baseball,
and watching film. Practice makes perfect so Practicing each and every day is a
must. Drills aren’t only for when you’re with your group. Toss a ball against
divider or a stoop. Play get with a teammate or kin. The best ballplayers are
continually accomplishing something that will enable them to enhance their
abilities. Play up to your level, not down to it. Resist the temptation to stay
on a team where you are the oldest, biggest, most experienced player, and
instead take the opportunity to “play up” and join a team where you may find
yourself one of the younger, smaller, less experienced team members. Sure, you
will no longer be the “star,” but you will be learning and improving your own
skills at a much faster rate than you would if you stayed on a lower-level
team.  A good player can overcome anxiety
any day. I have faith in Greg that he can do it. Greg isn’t the only player who
experience this because this type of action happens not in just baseball but in
all sports. You can experience anxiety in the classroom, singing in front of a
crowd or just being around certain people. Sometimes the best way to get rid of
this is stop, take a deep breath and think about your action before you do it. Its
only because anxiety can be cured but it takes a good and coach player to
overcome it. 

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