During that they did not match her expectations.

During the week, I undertook different tasks involvingplanning, controlling, coordinating, and reporting to the manager. In oneinstance, there was a customer who after receiving our services complained thatthey did not match her expectations. She claimed that she would not pay for theservices. It was a difficult and challenging situation for me based on the factthat the employees were paid depending on the number of customers they served.I was, therefore, torn between agreeing with either the employee or thecustomer.

A commotion arose when the employee insisted on being paid. Thisinstance drew attention to the public; I realized that if the situation werenot dealt with wisely, our salon would lose its reputation; a crucial aspect ofthis competitive market. I enquired from another staff member on whether such asituation had ever occurred and what actions ensued. The worker told me thatthe best solution was to let the customer leave the premise without paying.

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However, I requested the customer to cool down and asked for her nails to beredone at a free cost to secure the salon’s reputation. The customer wasenlightened; she apologized for the misconduct and even went ahead to give atip. In conclusion, this move not only helped retain the customer but alsoattracted other potential clients from the crowd.



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