During that they did not match her expectations.

During the week, I undertook different tasks involving
planning, controlling, coordinating, and reporting to the manager. In one
instance, there was a customer who after receiving our services complained that
they did not match her expectations. She claimed that she would not pay for the
services. It was a difficult and challenging situation for me based on the fact
that the employees were paid depending on the number of customers they served.

I was, therefore, torn between agreeing with either the employee or the
customer. A commotion arose when the employee insisted on being paid. This
instance drew attention to the public; I realized that if the situation were
not dealt with wisely, our salon would lose its reputation; a crucial aspect of
this competitive market. I enquired from another staff member on whether such a
situation had ever occurred and what actions ensued. The worker told me that
the best solution was to let the customer leave the premise without paying.

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However, I requested the customer to cool down and asked for her nails to be
redone at a free cost to secure the salon’s reputation. The customer was
enlightened; she apologized for the misconduct and even went ahead to give a
tip. In conclusion, this move not only helped retain the customer but also
attracted other potential clients from the crowd.



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