During the problem which we face in business

During 1990’sin New York seven regional transportation agencies were combined to develop asystem called electronic toll collection (ETC) also known as E-Z pass.

In thispaper I have discussed about the problem definition process. Additionally, acomplete report of different targets of the task forced and how similar ordifferent these might be across other agencies. Further according to thecommuters preferences for the services they have define problem effectively.                                                                                                     1.     The problem definitionworks as a tool which open a problem up and present it in a way that can beexamined from a numerous different ways which also helps to define the widercontext of issues involved in it.

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Problem definition means the process toidentify or define the problem in such a way that market researcher can relatewith the problems they face while decision making which might make good use ofyour time(Chapman, 1989). Here in the given case of E-Z pass theproblems have been presented in the form of questions that define the giveninformation and how the given information can be implemented or acquired.Overallwe can say that problem definition converts the problem which we face in businessinto a research problem. Without identifying the main problem you cannot moveon with your research questions. Some of the steps of problem definition processare:·        Determine the decisionmaker’s objectives·        Know about the problemproperly·        Identify the exactproblem’s rather than the indicators·        Define the unit ofanalysis ·        Prepare researchquestions and objectivesSo,talking about this case here the main problem is to identify the ideal patternof service quality to all the commuters within different agencies and also howthey might be similar or different from other agencies. While New York and NewJersey were investigating Texas and Louisiana had already implemented itsuccessfully to eliminate traffic in interregional roadway(Gifford, Yermack , & Owens, 2015). In this case we cansee the list of six questions that was identified by task force where we sawthe problems.

As they have understood and identified the problem we can saythat the problem is to know about the commuter’s first choice for the servicesfor that they have specified well defined research questions. Therefore, lookingat this in my view the problem has been defined adequately.  2.     Exploratory researchis basically a research into a hypothetical or theoretical idea. Exploratoryresearch focuses more on the discovery of ideas and insights. It is mainly usedby the company for defining issues, to find potential areas of growth, alternativecourses of action and so on( SMstudy, 2016). For this project I would like torecommend an exploratory research design rather than descriptive research becausean exploratory research would make it easy to identify the consumer’s choicesfor different attributes that are ultimately showed in the six searchquestions. Anexploratory research can help to know more about the consumer’s preferences.

Similarly, we can clearly see in the given case that task force are only interestedto know more about commuter’s preferences more than other things so that theycan know how the service can be configured ideally so, for that exploratoryresearch design would be the best for this project.  3.     One of the first stepsin the research process is to develop a good research question because if youhave prepared all the necessaryquestion than it will guide you and make it easyto research about the project. The research question should be clear, feasibleand focused on the issue and conditions that could be improved which is worththe investigation by the researcher(Cabraal, 2013). Accordingly for this project in myview following questions should be tested like how many accounts are necessaryand what statements will be received? How and where does one pay for E-Z pass?Is the tag transferable to other vehicles or not? The reason why thesequestions should be tested is because many people who want to use E-Z passwishes to know how many accounts they should have to create and from where the statementswill be received after using E-Z pass. Commuters are concerned about how willthey know if it is debited from their accounts so, I think this questionsshould be tested.

Similarly, they also want to know how and where they can payfor E-Z pass. As commuters have to pay certain amount for the facility so theyshould know how and where to go to pay so for this in my view this question isalso important to be tested. Moreover, E-Z pass researchersshould test if thetag is transferable or not to other vehicles because these days many people wholive in one house have two cars for example husband and wife both have cars andif the tags are not transferable than they should have two tags for each carwhich means they have to create two accounts for each car. This test can showthat each car and person should have their own account and tags because itcouldn’t be transferred to other vehicles even if you are from the same family.So, all the transportation agencies of New York and New Jersey might have allthe data of their consumers which will help them to make sure that each carhave its own tag.

 4.     Dummy table is a toolwhich let management know exactly what kind of results will come by research.Dummy tables are hypothesis and the result presented in table are alsohypothesis(Curran & Takata, 2000). Without dummytables a research project should never be undertaken. Dummy table are the realways which helps you to visualize the world.

In this case using a dummy tableresearchers can know what might the results can be from the research they aregoing to do. Using dummy table in any research would help to predict a specificoutcome so here are some of the things which should be included like: ·        Gender: Includinggender section in dummy table we can segregate how many male, female or othergenders are traveling on daily basis using the roadway. ·        Occupations: We canknow which occupations commuters are more roving in interregional roadway. Forexamples: If doctors are travelling more or businessman are travelling morefrom that way for their work.

·        Paying capability: Wecan identify how much a person can pay for it and we can keep an accurate pricefor it according to the people who travel from that roadway most of the time. ·        Toll tickets: We canask how many people has been using toll tickets and how many are not aware ofit. If theyare already using toll tickets while they travel from one place toanother or for some other uses. If they use toll tickets than ask them moreabout it if they are satisfied with it and if it have made their life easy or if they wanted more improvements in it because this types ofinformation could help the researchers to identify the problems.

    ConclusionIthas been seen that in 1990s a task force was formed among the area of New Yorkand New Jersey’s transportation agencies to investigate the feasibility ofsystem called electronic toll collection for interregional roadways. We foundout that electronic toll collection helps to reduce traffic jams at toll plazasas the tag holders could just pass by at moderate speed(Sajan & Jyothi, 2016). After analyzingeverything we can conclude that they have adequately define the problems throughthe six questions as they include the problem definition process. However, Ithink to know better about the commuter’s preferences more research and surveyshould be done adopting exploratory research design. We have analyzed thequestion which should be tested and lastly, I have included the dummy table whichis suitable for this research proposal which has helped researchers to knowmore about its feasibility.


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