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During the course of the interview, Ryan and I discussed whether he is into movies or books. We didn’t get too far on the topic of books because Ryan does not enjoy books and sees reading as a boring task and wouldn’t read unless he had to for school. He would much rather go watch a good movie then read a book. We also discussed what our favorite genre of movies are, Ryan finds particular interest in action and thriller movies like Die Hard and The Dark Knight Trilogy. Ryan rarely sees the point in seeing a movie that is not either an action or thriller movie and cringed at the notion of watching a romantic movie.  

Ryan and I ended up debating about which was better coffee or energy drinks.  Ryan whole-heartedly believes that energy drinks are far superior in every way when compared to coffee. In general, he believes that they taste better, give you more energy and have more essential vitamins in them then coffee does. I won’t argue with the fact they have a lot more caffeine in them and therefore give you more energy. Part of his argument for why energy drinks are better revolve around the idea that they have vitamins in them and its good for you. I looked at a can of Rockstar and it only has a couple vitamins and they are added to give you even more energy.  I have never had an energy drink that tasted good and was worth drinking. Those are my two cents, but Ryan seems to enjoy his Rockstars and thinks that they are delicious and somehow nutritious.

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While we were talking Ryan continually shared his interest in anything and everything related to video games.  Ryan usually plays video games either on an Xbox One or an Xbox 360 for his console games. In addition to his love of console video games Ryan also enjoys playing games on his computer.  We then began to discuss what games he likes to play. He likes a wide variety of games and could go on about the list of video games that he liked to play, but if he had to boil it down to just a couple, he would choose all of the Call of Duty games including the recently released Call of Duty World War II. Which he says is one of the best games he has ever played, although he feels that it is significantly harder than any the previous Call of Duty games that he has played. His favorite computer game is World of Warcraft and doesn’t really play any other computer games. Ryan’s deep understanding and knowledge of a wide array of video games show just how much he enjoys playing them.

Over the course of my interview with Ryan and I discussed what his plans were for after college. We talked about how he was part of the Orange County Sheriff’s junior explorer program and how he plans to pursue a career in law enforcement. We talked about the Explorers program and he told me that he basically went through all the training a sheriff’s deputy would go through, but he wasn’t considered a deputy. Part of being in the explorer program involved going on multiple rides along with on-duty sheriff’s deputy. He explained that the main point in participating in the Explorers program is to give you an edge on a future career in law enforcement and to also give you similar experiences to being a cop to see if it is actually something someone would want to pursue as a career path.



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