E high schools and universities employ this method.

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Last updated: June 2, 2019

 E learningis a modern trend in education field. It is popular all over the world. Thatcan provide education system where learning can be done anytime. Internetlearning can simply be easily accessed by anyone around the world. We can usecomputer as well as the mobiles to learn from internet.

E-learning saved thetime. As well as we can connect any lecturers around the world for neededsubject. Many high schools and universities employ thismethod. There is some disadvantage which is occur manual learning such asstudents are encouraged to use Internet learning rather than the materials suchas books and notes. Tradition learning system is different. There is a classroom, students and the teacher.

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There are set time tables, rules andregulations, prescribed text books such as group activates, classroomactivates. Scientist proved that rather than e-learning more classroom activatesmake students more socialized.There is anadvantage which is occurred by internet learning such as we can learn beyondthe subject which is teach at the class room. After introducing e-learning, teachingstyle has changed such as by watching study related videos, essays. Teachersencourages students to use more direct methods such as find notes from internetrelated to the subjects. By doing so student more addicted to internetlearning.There aresome positive which is when student using e-learning they are learning how touse new software.

There are some useful websites which is helpful such as diigo,Vocabulary.com and useful blogs. Student need to be encouraging to do e-learningbecause nowadays companies and workplaces using computers. And using mordentechnology to do their work easily. In that case everyone should need to learnabout new software and how to do work easily by using computers.

Internetlearning opened new realm of opportunities for students to learn all over theworld.But thereshould be traditional learning in the traditional class room with peers is a greatopportunity to learn about the world. The good qualities such as co-operationhelping others in need tolerating other ideas etc can be practice in the classroom a good teacher can be and exemplary character above details are veryhelpful to build up a good human being who will serve the other humans. So, Ithink there should be blend of e-learning and traditional learning to have asuccessful learning process.


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