EAT,PRAY,LOVE and had written this memoir which

This is a memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert. Through this memoir she tends readers by exploring a woman’s search during her lifetime. She has just stepped thirty when she divorced her husband which led her to the worst part of her life. She became depressed to the edge. Then she starts a new affair with a man whom she believes to be her true love. But when that affair too fades she was too depressed and wants to change her entire lifestyle for the upcoming year. She divided her year into four months for three long tour. First she visits Italy where she explores the and realizes the live for “Eating”. She tastes almost all the tastiest foods which Italy could offer her but the other side of her heart still dragged her to feel depressed. So she started her second tour to India where she stays in a sacred ashram with the guidance of a guru and explores her spiritual life. She meditates and find herself who she is. There she learnt what “Prayer” is. Yet she didn’t recover fully. The Final tour of her was to” Indonesia ” where she realized what “Love” is actually. There she finds her true love who will be his life ever. This is how Elizabeth Gilbert found what her life is and had written this memoir which spread all over among people as a woman’s search for life.

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