Ed Gein Outline

Ed Gein Outline BY Kayleetvtoe22 a) Childhood 1. Born in La Crosse County, Wisconsin 2. Lived on farm outside Plainfield, Wisconsin 3. Mother preached innate immorality of world 4.

Read to them from Bible every day 5. Focused on verses dealing with death, murder, and divine retribution 6. Target for bullies 7. Mother scolded him for trying to make friends 8. Did well in school 9. Mother abused him 10. Believed he would become failure b) Family Deaths 1.Father 1 .

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a) Heart attack b) 1940 2. Brother 2. a) “Brush Fire” b) 1944 ) Bruises on head and no burned ground around body d) Gein suspected of murder e) No charges filed 3. Mother 3. a) Stroke b) 1945 c) “Lost his only friend and one true love” c) His Arrest 1. 1957 Bernice Worden disappeared 1 . a) Store owner b) Gein last to see her c) Was seen loitering around store 2. Investigators had warrant to search Gein’s land 2.

) Discovered human remains b) Worden’s decapitated body c) Four noses d) Whole human bones and fragments e) Nine masks of human skin f) Bowls made from human skulls g) Ten female heads h) Human skin covering several chairs ) Mary Hogan’s head in paper bag j) Worden’s head in burlap sack k) Nine vulvas in shoe box m) Organs in refrigerator n) Pair of lips on drawstring for window shade o) Belt made from female nipples p) Lampshade made from human face q) Shrunken heads r) Vest with breasts d) Trial 1 .Arraigned on one count of 1st degree murder 2. Plead not guilty by reason of insanity 3. Unfit to stand trial 4.

Central State Hospital for Criminally Insane 5. Mendota State Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin 6. Doctors declared sane enough for trial 1968 7.

Trial lasted 1 week 8. Found guilty of 1st degree murder 9. Spent the rest of life in mental hospital e) Death 1. Died of respiratory and heart failure due to cancer 1 . ) July 26, 1984 b) Goodland Hall 2. Souvenir seekers chipped pieces from gravestone 3. Bulk was stolen on 2000 4. Recovered in June 2001 near Seattle 5.

Displayed in a museum in Waushara County 6. Life portrayed in numerous movies 6. a) “Deranged” (1974) b) “In the Light of the Moon” (2000) c) “Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield” (2007) d) “Psychd’ e) “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” f) “The Silence of the Lambs”

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