Education any field has a better chance to

Education is very essential to human life because a person with a degree in any field has a better chance to secure a well-paying job. A person with a high education is able to live a better life as compared to a person a has not gone to school. One becomes a responsible parent as he or she is able to cater for the children. Learned person parent gives quality education to their children therefore they become successful in future.
In addition, a person with quality education eradicates poverty in the family as he or she is able to get a job that can sustain the family and assist needy people in the society. In a society where there is free poverty there is peace because majority of the people are above the poverty line. Moreover, a society where most of the people are learned there are more development as compared to a society with illiterate people.

Higher education eliminates ethnicity simply because most of the institutions are public and they draw students from all ethnic groups without discrimination. These students exchange some cultures as they mingle with each other. Learned people appreciate cultural diversity thus they promote unity, peace and harmony in the society and county at larger.

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