Effects of Social Stress

Additionally, the researchers sought to find out if political skills could attenuate the negative effects of social stressors. The purpose of the study was to promote a better understanding of social stressor-strain relationships. To find this out, the researchers mailed surveys to 2,000 alumni of a private Midwestern university. The alumni were randomly chosen and had graduated over […]

The History of Community Colleges

Community colleges have become a vital part of higher education system. Many events have contributed to the development and continued growth of American community colleges. Their history dates back to the early twentieth century, and largely came about due to the need for workers to operate the nations expanding industries. In addition there was also an increased pressure […]

My a platform where I can hone my

My strong desire to do something for my four-legged friends has inspired within me the desire to set up an animal rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in the long run. With the increase in the number of animal abuse and the number of poaching cases, I wish to take this action on my part to help in conservation of […]

College athletes getting paid

The first college sporting event was in 1852. It was a rowing competition between the Yale and Harvard rowing teams. Since then college athletics have grown into multi- million dollar industries. In 2008 the University of Alabama made the most money with their athletic program – making a total profit of $123,769,841. The athletes themselves did not receive […]

The Recent College Grad Vs Unemployment

In the wake of what some people are calling “The Great Recession” unemployment rates among recent college graduates in the United States has reached its highest rate since the 1970s. According to a study done by Northwestern University and Drexel University in Conjunction with the Economic Policy Institute based on data collected by the Census Bureau’s Population Survey […]

Are the SAT’s Irrelevant?

In her op-ed piece, It Doesn’t Test For Success, (Creighton), Joanne V Creighton, PHD asserts that standardized test scores such as the SAT’s are no longer useful in predicting the potential successes of todays sstudents. Dr. Creighton, who at the time was President of Mount Holyoke College, cited the errors in scoring on the SAT for approximately 4,000 […]

Why do I want to transfer?

Looking back, I see my personal and academic experiences as stages of growth that have helped me to understand my own potential and the road that I wish to take in life. My name is (insert your name here) and I am proud to say that I’m gay. This is one distinction that sets me apart from a […]

“Woodrow Wilson, Political”

Natalia Motta “Woodrow Wilson, political” Robert Dallek Article Review 2. 5 The article “Woodrow Wilson, Politician” by Robert Dallek is basically about the political life of Woodrow Wilson, from the very beginning until he became president. All the achievements he met during his life to when everything started falling apart in his second presidential term.The purpose of this […]


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