The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research

The Importance of stupidity in Scientific Research This essay talk about how two students from graduate school reunited with each other after many years for the first time. They were both Ph. D students at the same time and they were also studying science. One of the friends later dropped out of graduate school. The reason why she […]

Howard Hendricks

Introduction Howard G. Hendricks, the author of Teaching to Change Lives, earned his B. A. , Wheaton College, 1946; Th. M. , Dallas Theological Seminary, 1950; D. D. , Wheaton College, 1967; graduate study, Dallas Theological Seminary, Wheaton College Graduate School, Biblical Seminary in New York and has been a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary for over fifty […]

What Job

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I would like to take part with providing education, conducting youth outreach and community development to young children and teenagers in poverty stricken communities. Through my educational background and socio-civic work experiences, I believe that I am equipped with the basic skills and training to carry out the tasks of being a Peace […]


During the development of my prospectus, I experienced various significant learning experiences that have most certainly affected my perception of my chosen industry and of conducting formal research within that industry. In making decisions on the description and justification section of the prospectus, I was able to gain much deeper insights about my area of specialization. I was […]

Graduate program

In conducting a research to determine the best criminal justice graduate program in the Midwest, it would be best to select measures that are able to clearly give snapshots of what to expect from each program. These measures are faculty quality, student-instructor ratios in both classes and research, graduate prominence in criminal justice institutions, and program standing with […]


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