Afghanistan War

In 2001 the Twin Towers were destroyed by two planes and also there were two other planes one was supposed to hit the White House and the other the Pentagon. This started the war in Afghanistan. It’s been eight years since this incident, and the United States and President Obama still want to keep this war going. Next […]

Ban on Gun Ownership

A ban on gun ownership What first comes to your mind when you hear the word gun? Do you feel happy, relieved and excited? If yes, then you had better seek help from a psychologist. A gun itself is not dangerous. It becomes a disastrous weapon when it is carried and misused by human. Gun-related tragedies in the […]

Bless Me, Ultima Reaction

In Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio leaves his childhood behind and seeks to reconcile his conflicting cultural and religious identities. Although Antonio is only six years old at the start of the narrative, he already possesses a keenly questioning mind, a great deal of moral curiosity, and a solemn appreciation for the seriousness of life. Some of his traits […]

Women's Role Since 1930's

Women have fought throughout history in order to achieve different roles as well as to acquire recognition, independence, equality and respect. It has not been easy since they have had many barriers to overcome; their role in the family as wives, mothers and daughters; their role in society fighting for their rights, being heard and treated as men; […]

Observation of "Raphael's School of Athens"

Observation of “Raphael’s School of Athens” After observing The School of Athens I was able to notice things I had never noticed before. The more I observed, the more intrigued I became. I was able to see many details that make this work a masterpiece. I saw interactions between the people. I also observed the elements that unify […]

Deliquent Behavior

Delinquent behavior has been the subject of considerable research and significant strides have been made in our understanding of both the reasons and consequences of delinquent activity, as well as in evaluating the effectiveness of strategies to prevent or intervene with delinquent youths. Although delinquent behavior was once thought to be a product of “broken homes” and single […]

Working Women

Contents Introduction: History of Women in the work field3 Statement of the problem: Do working mothers impact the mother-child relationship? 5 Data presentation and Analysis: the statistics of working women7 Conclusion9 Recommendations10 Bibliography11 Introduction: History of Women in the work field Over the past decade an extreme increase of the number of women who are engaging in the […]

Identity Paper

Identity is an individual’s comprehension of him or herself. This course has helped me discover my sense of identity. In addition, it has changed me in subtle ways. Honestly, I am a very stubborn person. It is relatively hard to change my beliefs about something. Therefore, this course was a stepping-stone in the right direction. I have changed […]

The Power of a Female Relationship in the Color Purple

The Power of a Female Relationship In the book The Color Purple, Alice Walker shows us different themes in the book. The one theme that stood out the most was the relationship between the sisters and friends that met along the way. Reading this book I have seen different types of relationships such as, motherly, sisterly, and also […]

There number of people around the world from

There have been many popular online social networking thatallowing individuals and groups from everywhere throughout the world to communicatewith each other, within a virtual electronic network that destroys all ways andmakes the world a small village whose inhabitants live in the samesurroundings. Technology allowing the users to access the written, visual andaudio communication with each other, and allowing […]


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