Presentence Investigation Report

Prepared for: The Honorable Kathleen M. Brady U. S. District Judge Prepared by: Michelle A. Thomas U. S. Probation Officer Orlando, FL 89532 (693)-298-8932 Assistant U. S. AttorneyDefense Council Miss Jessica BowerMr. John Klug United States Courthouse934 South Richton Drive Orlando, FL 89532Orlando, FL 89612 693)-298-8932(693)-297-8426 Sentence Date:March 24, 2008 Offense:Count one: Assault (with a deadly weapon) (83 […]

Excessive Noise in Classrooms

I admit that noise is already a part of our everyday lives; it is that non-melodic tune that strikes our ears. Some are already used to it, but some are still bugged by it. We all have our break points, according to science our pain threshold due to noise is 137. 5 decibels, that is about 200 Pascal […]

Event That Changed My Life

Life itself is a dark and twisted thing. It seems to make many twists and turns that eventually make out a bag of happenings. All of these circumstances make you a wiser person as these events go on. Many people can say one single event that has changed their life forever. Sometimes, some memories become unforgettable which teach […]

The Problem of Young Generations

A few years ago, it was not very complicated to grow up. Today’s generations have many opportunities along with the developments in modern life. However, these oppurtunities don’t always have positive consequences. Most of the aspects of today’s daily life cause degeneration, indulgence and even violence among young people. Youth violence is one of the most significant problems […]

Science Fair Experiment

Rock it out loud: discovering the location of harmonies that make your guitar sing. Purpose: To identify the locations of harmonics on an acoustic guitar and relate them to guitar string lengths. Hypothesis: If I pluck the sixth string of the guitar from frets nine- twelve, then those frets will not produce harmonics that are able to be […]

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