Philosophical and make a change. This “why”

Philosophical Orientation Social reconstruction, technology and personal relevance are the three categories from this column that is needed for my presentation to policy makers.  Social reconstruction identifies the ills of society and change needed to solve them.  Social reconstruction takes up the biggest percentage of this section because there are currently barriers to PT practice when it comes […]

Merriam-Webster has appropriate support, there are misconceptions; precisely,

Merriam-Webster defines education as, “the action or process of educating or of being educated” (Merriam-Webster, “n.d”.).  With this definition alongside the meaning of adult education, the context may vary. For example, in the 1900’s, an educated adult has been defined to being able to write their name (Drago-Severson, 2004). On the other hand, modern times has defined adult […]

KIDS know that they want to come to

KIDS NEED TO learn about the arts. But teachers and parents have complained about the narrowing of elementary and secondary public education — specifically, that federal guidelines outlined by the George W. Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act, and applied by nervous school districts, squeezed subjects other than English and math out of the curriculum.The Obama administration essentially […]

Every participate wholly in class, can study better,

Every one of us is diverse in one way or the as we have similarities than differences, and these differences are an important part of developing a society as a whole. I personally define an inclusive environment when people can easily express themselves, have their own opinions and various point of views to a certain matter. An inclusive […]

The in Nigeria (ESSPIN). TDP’s funding (£33,996,845)

The TDP scheme commenced in October 2012 and is expected to run until August 2019. By that time, the programme will have supported a cohort of 66,000 teachers of Mathematics, Science, Technology and English. It is expected that for every year these 66,000 teachers will be able to support 2,000,000 students in primary and junior secondary schools in […]

I have chosen the topic of cognitive

I have chosen the topic of cognitive psychology because I find the topic of memory and working memory very interesting. I feel like working memory and training for such memory takes part in everyday life. Trying to improve and train our working long term memory is a challenge a lot of students deal such as me with considering […]

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An abnormally large creature with eyes that has no pupils and a face that has been with corrupted with pus in every crevice walks up to you at the same time as a normal man who has no morals, but offers you an uncomfortable twitching and menacing smile that reeks of all sinful actions, but you wouldn’t know […]

When a difference in their lives.” This

When I first began my journey in education, my teaching philosophy was about using certain concepts like progressivism and existentialism. My philosophy still contains those ideas; however, I have learned over the last eleven years that my teaching philosophy is not about using certain terms, thinking they are what people want to hear, it’s about what I believe, […]

My improve my communication skills, intelligence, made

My name is Eraga Emmanuel Osesenaga, I am a Nigerian. I graduated from All Nations University College(ANUC) which is affiliated to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology(KNUST), Ghana as Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Oil and Gas Engineering. I am very interested to pursue further study in Oil and Gas Engineering by taking MSc. Petroleum Engineering in […]

– their efficiency. The most important assets of

–        lower levels of commitment, both affective and continuation, even though they showed a softly higher evaluation for their future career path potential. –        Work and career situation, with no major differences on dimensions of job contribution, job satisfaction and propensity to leave. The question that stimulated the research was whether the MBA qualification adds value to individuals, […]

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