Coun 501

Research Paper: Ethical Dilemas in Counseling Liberty University Abstract Ethical dilemmas will be a constant as we embark into the field of counseling. Whenever human beings are involved there are a range of personality types, beliefs and characteristics that are involved. There are many views of counseling but it is very important to have a world view which […]

Inclusion: Education and Support

Support for Learning Policy Principles One of the National Priorities is “to promote equality and inclusion and help every pupil benefit from education, with particular regard paid to pupils with disabilities and special educational needs…. ”. We hope to implement the key characteristics of inclusion within our Support for Learning policy. “Inclusive education requires the presence of all […]

Favorite Subject

Erick Von Lippke Period 3 11/3/10 Favorite Subject Seventh hour. I’m in one of my most liked classes staring at the board after completing an intense test. The bell rings and I wave to my teacher as I walk out the door. Confidence builds as my anticipation increases for the coming A. This experience is what occurs in […]

Intervention of Adolescent Pregnancy on American Society

Research Paper Anthony Murphy RES/110 June 22, 2010 Gregory VD Smith Adolescent Pregnancy In this research paper I will explore the effects of adolescent pregnancy, prevention, and intervention of adolescent pregnancy on American society. The notion that education, abstinence, and parental involvement are vital in the reduction of adolescent pregnancies is the thesis of this paper. The research […]

Catholic Social Teaching

Lorre-Liz Stokes Catholic Social Teaching Summary Catholic Social Teaching is a social message or mission that consists of a set of Church doctrines and official documents that make up the underlying message of the Gospel and provide a framework for how Catholics should live their lives in response to the challenges of every day life in society. The […]

Mother Theresa

Mother Teresa was a selfless, spiritual being that cared for the betterment of others based on her religious beliefs. At the age of twelve Mother Teresa felt a calling from God and felt that she should be a missionary of Christ, and at the age of eighteen she became a nun. She taught at an all girls school […]

Texting While Driving

The popularity of texting has caused an unforeseen danger- texting while driving. It has been proven scientifically that texting while driving reduces your awareness by almost half, and that texting while driving is over four times more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. These are very disturbing results for anyone on the road, especially since it […]

Interpretation of the Bible

To go about proper interpretation of the Biblical literature you must know it isn’t always God speaking himself, although it is God’s word. The bible refers to the Word of God as Jesus Christ. The interpretation was brought upon us through many Hebrew scholars and was passed through centuries to what we know it as today. When reading […]

Family Assessment

Gifford Nielson Brigham Young University-Idaho Family Assessment Identifying Data This family comes from a religious family that has had the same religion for four generations now and the family holds strong to the beliefs of the importance of family and religion. The father in the family comes from a small household of parents and three children and the […]

Plato's View of Democracy

At first I didn’t fully understand some of Plato’s objections to democracy. After doing a little research, I realized that it was important to understand his definition of democracy and what it means to a society. Plato’s problem isn’t with the democracy we know today, or even the Athenian democracy. Instead, it is the form of democracy he […]

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