What Does Academic Achievement Depend on?

The pupils’ academic achievement is considered to depend on many factors in particular money spent on schooling, the number of children in a class, time spent on a subject and teaching methods. But which of these factors plays a bigger role? Let’s take a closer look at them. To begin with, we often hear that money spent on […]

Benefits of Learning Languages

The United States wants to disallow foreign language classes so English could be maintained as an official language in the country. Foreign language classes should not be removed from school criterias because it is very beneficial for all students. First, languages connect people together and it could help students experience a better social life. Second, it would raise […]

School Management Issues

The education system in Malaysia is not excluded for its own problems and issues all this while. Referring to the current issues in our education, I would like to point out several issues regarding the system, in which I analyzed deeper into several aspects most common in our education nowadays. I looked at this subject matter at the […]

Rome: Capital of the Greatest Empire in the World

Written by Paul to friends around 58AD from Corinth – not a teaching exercise. Because it is a letter we see only one side of the dialogue. We can only deduce what the circumstances were by the letter. His letters were written to answer questions that had been asked and were dictated to a secretary, who, in this […]

How I Learned to Swim

Leonard Morse 12/21/2010 ?? Personal Narrative Short Paper How I had to learn to swim. Learning something new for me can usually be somewhat of an experience that’s frightening for me at various times in my life. One of the most difficult things that I had to do was learn how to swim because I was pushed into […]

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